The Forbidden Zone

I have to admit that working remotely from home has made me kind of lazy. I virtually do my bureaucratic duties on my own time. One may think that if you control your own time, that you would be able to turn your attention to working on the projects that you have in mind. But if you have Hulu, the goal is out of the window. Lately I’ve been hooked on Smallville, an installment of the Superman franchise. This one is kind of interesting. It is about adolescent Clark Kent.

It takes us through Kent’s high school years, and the coming of age as he discovers his powers, his Kryptoian heritage, building up his reporter investigation skills, relationship with his arch enemy Lex Luthor, and teenage love interests, and developing relationships with future Superheroes. It also shows you how dumb the future Superman is as compared to someone like Batman.

The series spanned ten seasons, yeah, the last episode ended in 2010. Its ironic, that I didn’t watch it back then, but it has hooked me for now.

I also find it ironic that out of the many super hero productions, Hollywood has not done a production of the adventures of Super boy.

But, hey, so much for my ranting, but without further ado, let’s get into this latest dream experience.     

This dream began with me breaking into some sort of fortress, I was breaking in the fortress to rescue a loved one from imprisonment. I was alluding the guards, and finally broke into the holding place where the prisoners were kept.

When I got in there, I saw that each prisoner was kept in what looked like a large basin. There was a tube leading to their neck area and the blood was slowly being drained from their body.

Then I saw the person who I came for; it was an elderly woman, a mother or perhaps a grandmother. The woman said that I should not waste time rescuing her, that her life was over and to move on before I get caught. She explained that her blood is being drained so that the vampires can feed.

I didn’t like that she was being used as food to feed a bunch of vampires. I really didn’t want to leave her behind, but she would not allow me to rescue her. The only thing I could do is say goodbye to her. I hugged her for the final time, and I made my escape from the fortress.

Once outside in the fortress compound, I was pursued by the vampires. I was in a running fire fight, but, I finally made my way out of the fortress compound into the meadow. I continued fleeing from the vampires until I got to the edge of the territory.

The vampires and a military unit were still coming after me, so I crossed the frontier of the territory and entered into the forbidden zone.

As I went further into the forbidden zone, I didn’t look back to see if the vampires and their military cronies were still chasing me. However, I was well into the forbidden zone when I ran into the outskirts of a city.

When I went into the city I wondered to myself, why the authorities from the society where I came from didn’t want anyone to know about this part of the world.    

When I entered the city, I found that it was not a welcoming place. The city police started to pursue me as an intruder. I got some type of message that there was a secret agreement that the city soldiers, and the soldiers from my society signed a treaty not to let the inhabitants of each society know the existence of each other.

Thus, the territory where the city is located became the forbidden zone. Even the vampires didn’t violate it. I guess it was the reason why they broke off the pursuit.    

So now I’ve stumbled upon the city, and the city police are after me, attempting to capture me before any of the city’s inhabitants become aware of my presence.

But I managed to allude the police by going inside a building with a huge corridor. It the led to a big hall . When I opened the door to the big hall; there were people gathered in there.

They seemed glad and curious to see me; they flocked towards me and were crowded around me. I was in meshed in the crowd and couldn’t move.

Then I got some sort of message that these people stay healthy by cloning themselves and harvesting the organs from the clones. In a sense these people were also vampires.

But these vampires didn’t stay alive by being a parasite and sucking the blood of the living. They simply replaced their expiring organs and rejuvenate their cells and hormonal balance from the clones. But, they were game, to diversify their gene pool, so that they can be more resilient.

Now that they’ve got me, my body was going to be used to diversify their gene pool. the next scene that I saw was me walking on clutches, with an entourage of people.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I only got to see a little bit of Smallville back in the day, I remember people often walking into Luther’s home / room to talk to him, and him probably often quoting things like maybe The Art Of War et cetera.

    In your dream I am impressed with how well you got out of most of the situations, that ending with the clones et cetera was unique, but getting trapped was like a horror movie ending.

    Thank you for sharing your dream.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed….the dream was disturbing
      Smallville goes into details. But it doesn’t follow what is in the comics. Kryptonite doesn’t give humans super abilities, the character Cloie doesn’t exist, Clark Kent and Clark Kent wore glasses and was never on the football team, Kent never destroyed his space ship, and lots more variations….leave it to Hollywood to change the story


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