Moving Forward

            Prince Harry was at it again; that is another interview where he was explaining his split with Buckingham Palace, and mental health. This time it was done on a podcaste called, “Armchair Expert,” the host is Dax Shepard.

The podcaste is not a particular popular one; but it is out there. As of now, the interview with Prince Harry has only garnered 15, 700 views and 316 likes; it has a whooping 130 dislikes.

Compared to podcastes like The STAR report, Joe Budden, Joe Rogan, Hot Boxin with Mike Tyson or The Breakfast Club; who get thousands of views in one day, it would have paid the Prince better to be on one of those podcastes rather then one like Armchair expert. They couldn’t even draw a thousand views in a week even with a guest like Prince Harry.

I know, I can hear you say “who cares!” Well, its not like there will be any sleep lost over this. But in the morning, the British tabloids will pick Harry’s words and start to publicize it in the British media. Then, however the British Royal family reacts, it will be slapped on page one,on the news publications.

Harry revealed that in his early twenties doing his royal duties; his thoughts were “I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be doing this, look what it did to my mom, how am I ever gonna settle down, have a wife and family when I know that its gonna happen again, because I’ve seen behind the curtain. I’ve seen the business model, I know how the operation runs, and how it works. Yeah, I don’t want to be part of it…”

Then Harry revealed that he was in therapy over the whole idea. Leaves, True_George to wonder if the death of his Mother was no accident. That Harry some how found out what happened to his mother was a calculated move, perpetrated by Buckingham Palace. After all, there is a document room detailing planned activities, for eyes only. Being considered a senior Royal, Harry was one of those eyes, and what he found out what certain documents revealed shocked him. Or maybe he just heard talks among security agents that was involved in the deed. Either way, there must be more details about the death of his Mother that Harry has not made public.

Harry also revealed that his wife Meghan Markle was the one who made him get therapy. He said that she saw that he needed it right away.

Now, keep in mind that Harry did two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Like a lot of Veterans, he probably had a lot of other issues going around in his head. The type of thinking that made his blood boil. He may also have some form of Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Plus, the level of feeling powerless and hopelessness that a lot of Vets feel.

Harry also made it known that he became fully aware of conscious bias; comparing how he looks at things now that he is aware of it.

Talking about parenting, and the way he was being treated by his Father. Both his father and Grandfather went to the same school as youngsters where they were treated cruelly. Harry thinks that he was treated in the same manner.

But if anyone who knows a bit about the life of his Father and Grandfather, and the school that they attended, you would find that his Father spared his children from experiencing the type of cruelty that they experienced. By not enrolling him in the same school. So Harry should be thanking his Father for breaking tradition spearing him from experiencing what his Father experienced.

Perhaps, he wished that his Father was a bit warmer in his attitude and approach in parenting.

But overall, the podcaste’s main focus is on mental health…..


  1. If he does have mental issues (and Americans are all for therapy whilst the British don’t generally bother – they either top themselves or suffer in silence), it’s far more likely to be PTSD type stuff from his service in Afghanistan and places. He will have seen and heard dreadful stuff (as I’m sure you know yourself).

    The ‘tough’ schools posh kids sometimes get sent to in Britain (the rest can’t afford it), are tough but character-building and do no harm unless the personality of the child is very weak and over-sensitive (like Charles). Most kids come out much the better for it – they’re not cruel – just tough.

    I personally think Diana died due to her own fault and recklessness. After all, any car with a royal in it is in the charge of the royal and not the driver. She decided that, for a change, that day she didn’t want to be photographed (she normally loved it but being with a lover possibly put her off). She insisted the driver drove like a lunatic and got the poor guy killed along with herself. Very selfish! Oh, and of course, he got the blame!

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    • The British will soon come to realize that therapy is the way to go. Suffering in silence can lead to suicide or other unhealthy behavior

      Mick Jagger said that he was educated with a strap across his back. He also described that the schools he went to were cruel. I believe a lot of children get traumatized if they get constant harsh treatment. Yeah it won’t do harm for children who are mentally strong, but will damage the mentally weak. Prince Charles probably have a lot of unresolved mental issues

      Diana’s behavior was cause for concern she was reckless maybe to get back at Charles


      • I have to admit we got hit if we misbehaved but it didn’t bother any of us (me and all my school mates – it’s just how it was in the day). At least we were never spoilt brats and knew ‘no means no’. But you’re right about the therapy – I think it’s our ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude which stops us. But the younger generation are more therapy-based…

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