I saw images of my old neighborhood during my pre-teen years. The time period was the present, there were some new people living in the neighbor’s house.  I wanted to get to know them; I told them that I knew the home owners; the man had passed away before me and my family moved away, the woman was old, she probably passed away by now. But I also knew their daughter J.

In this experience, I asked the new people living in the house if J was there. She has to be an old woman by now. I’m not sure what answer I got, but the new people living in the house had children and they were playmates to my younger brother,

They were on the second-floor window, they saw my brother and they wanted to come out and play. The boy jumped from the second-floor bedroom window onto the top of the shed, then from the shed’s roof to the ground. His sister followed suit.

They played in the garden for a short time; then it was time to go to the mosque. I went with them to the building. When we were outside, there was a line and before anyone could enter they had to get the Usher’s permission.

When we were at the head of the line, the Usher at the right side of the door nodded to the Usher on the left side of the door, and the they allowed us to enter. Upon entering the Mosque, I bowed my head, and when I did that, the Supervising Usher was impressed, he said that he usually have to remind people that they have to bow before entering the Mosque.

When I walked passed the Ushers, I was directed to go into another room; I did not see what direction my friends went. When I followed the instructions to go into the other room. When I got to the other room’s door way and step in, after I bowed, someone was standing next to me on my left side. He put his right arm around me and held me tightly. The person was big and strong and when he held me it was so tight I could not move.

He walked me to another door, in a room with a Barber. The Barber said, what style? But the person holding me said, that there isn’t any time to do a style, make it bald.

After the hair cut, I was taken to another room and I was fitted with a ballistic vest, and a white shirt and black suit. Someone put a tie around my neck, and another person behind me, tied it into a bow.

Then the person holding me let go, and another person appeared on my left side; and then another person appeared on my right side. They were escorting me to another room where there were big curtains, it looked like I was behind a stage. I was told that I was chosen to be a bodyguard.

The curtain was parted so that I can go out to be one of the bodyguards to the speaker. I could see the back of the speaker; I was wondering who it was. When I was in place, I saw that the speaker was Louis Farrakhan.

I wondered how long am I going to be standing in place protecting Farrakhan. He is known for making long speeches, I had to be home at a certain time.

This experience ended with me watching Farrakhan speaking on TV. It was like I was being shown the event that I was placed in.

 There was a close up of his bodyguards that was at the podium with him. Then I saw the bodyguard on the left with the bald head, I thought that I would be viewing myself, watching myself in the bodyguard role. But the bodyguard that I thought was me; did not look anything like me.     

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