You Tube Project

During the past two days, True_George has taken the first steps in developing his You tube channel further. The channel was first established nine years ago when a show case video of True_George, his fellow guitar student, and the guitar Instructor playing Wonderwall was uploaded.

 From there True_George uploaded some crude music videos. It was done with a portable video camera. The sound was not very good, you could hear background noise, and there was no editing. Despite that, the videos came out pretty good, for am amateur.

After that True_George didn’t have access to the channel for a while. This was because Google took the steps to consolidate accounts. For example, if you have a G mail account, then the Google will link your Gmail account with a Youtube channel under the G mail username.

The problem with what they were doing is that many Youtubers don’t use their personally names when they Vlog or even make a music channel. True_George felt the same way. Why should Google dictate what username should be used on a personal Youtube channel.  It is enough that the user name assigned to True_George’s Youtube channel is George31531; a username assignment created by Youtube admin. Plus True_George wasn’t keen on linking the Youtube channel with the E mail account.

But, Google has already casted the dye; all Google accounts were consolidated; and many people’s separate Youtube accounts became in accessible to them. But True_George resisted; some how True_George was able to regain access to the original Youtube account and its contents. After a while, Google decided to consolidate the original YouTube account, with the Gmail account and with the other Youtube account with the Gmail’s username.

The end result is that True_George now has two Youtube channels. When signing into Youtube; it gives True_George a choice which channel True_George wants to use. True_George choice is to use the original channel and to further develop it.

You may ask what is different this time around? Well, True_george has certain equipment that will make the recording better. Whether it is music, or podcaste.

The development plan is to put True_George’s entire collection of vinyl records in digital format on video and up load video to the original Youtube channel. True George’s collection of original vinyl records of Jamaican music spanning from the 1980’s through 1990’s; up to the time when the compact disc (CD) and other digital music formats commercially replace the vinyl.

As an added bonus; True_george will also digitalize the old man’s record collection. The old man has original vinyl collection of Jamaican music, American Rhythm & Blues, True_George has even found an original album by Queen in the old man’s collection.

Whatever is in the old man’s collection it spans the time period from the 1960’s through to 2000’s. It is ironic because it shows the development of Jamaican music from ska, rock steady, reggae and dance hall. As well as classic American R&B of the 60’s & 70’s.

The record title is not done in any particular order; whichever title is on top of the pile will be the first ones done. True_George will do one of his, and then one of the old man’s so that the uploads will be don concurrently. This personal project will take months to complete.   


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