On this night, there was a lighten storm; even though the room was dark, the darkness was interrupted by the occasional flash of lighten. But that didn’t stop me from relaxing, as I was relaxing and looking around in my room, I saw that there was a plant that I used to have on top of the dressing table’s mirror.

Then I saw that there were more than one of them. I perceived that I was looking after the plants, but there was some sort of neglect with giving them water on a consistent basis. despite that, the plants survived and thrived.   But the plants were growing bigger that it occupied a lot of space. It even started to show signs that it could move by itself and displayed some type of intelligence.

But the scene never lasted; it changed, and now all I could see is the dark room. The lighten flashed, I heard the cat meowing outside the room door. I said to myself, dam it, I just fed the cat not too long ago, he couldn’t be hungry again.

Then I heard something that sounded like some liquid spilling. My thoughts was that the cat better not have pissed by the room door. I could still hear him meowing. When I turned to my right side facing the room door. I swear I saw the dense shadow of a woman. It was like she dived on the floor as soon as she saw that I sighted her.

Now at that point in time I thought nothing of it; however, as sudden as I saw the dense shadow of a woman. I had vivid images of a woman with the features of a coworker of mine.

It was WA; it isn’t that I had any particular feelings for this person, but we are friends. She even invited me to her ski trips, and birthday bash at the notorious Bronx club, Sin City. As to why I would see her, I don’t know. But why her?

In this experience, I was with WA; we were kissing, I was telling her that I love her and that we should have sex. WA; didn’t want to have sex, despite the passionate kisses, and the feelings, WA refused to have sex. This went on for a while. Then it suddenly stopped.

The lighten storm was over; and the cat stopped meowing outside the room door. Later on when I got  up, thinking and expecting to smell and feeling the dampness and seeing evidence of cat piss on the carpet by the room door; I found that there was no smell, no dampness and no evidence of cat piss on the floor.

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  1. we had a thunderstorm just after I went to bed the other night – there was a rumble of thunder, a flash of lightning, another rumble 8 seconds later… and that was it! Some storm huh! I was quite disappointed…


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