E.M’s Sunday Ramble # 5


Looks like I’m a little late again. Christmas week was busy, now that the government office where I make my daily bread as a government bureaucrat is closed in observance of New Year’s Day, I have a little time to post some stuff that I have been meaning to post.

Happy New Year E.M and participants…

Do you have any pets? If you do, tell us about them (name, kind of pet, etc.)

True_George was pestered by True_George junior to get a pet. The choice was to get a cat. Thus, a trip was made to the ASPCA adoption center at 92nd street in New York City, and we were taken upstairs to the kitten nursery. Imagine that; a kitten nursery, where kittens that are old enough to be away from the mother cat are housed.

After paying adoption fees, vaccination fees, and other fees; a black and white kitten named Laddie was adopted.

What nicknames do you call your pet(s)?

Never thought of a nick name other than “cat”

Do your pet(s) like to travel with you in the car?

Don’t know, the only time the cat travels in the car, is when he is been taken to the Vet, or dropped off at True_George Junior’s mother’s place to stay when I take a week or two to travel someplace. But one thing is for sure, he hates being put in the cat carrier.

If you had to imagine, who would your pet(s) be if they were human?

If the cat was a human; I’d say he’d be a hunter, or maybe he’d be a pain in the ass couch potato.

What does your pet(s) do for you?

Keeps the house free of rodents, and sometimes acts as an alarm clock; meowing at 6:00 am on the dot outside my room door, to remind me to feed him his breakfast.

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  1. Lovely cat and great post! When I was a teenager we adopted a stray cat which we found – she was all black and we called her ‘Ziggy’ – my idea as I was a huge Bowie fan at the time and it was the 70s so that was the current album.

    We didn’t have a car back then (my parents only learnt to drive in their 50s and people just didn’t have cars here in the 70s anyway) so we used to have to take the cat, in a zipped shopping bag, to the vets on the bus. I remember vividly the horror of the driver as an evil, black paw with claws out kept zipping in and out of a gap in the zip and trying to get him while we paid our fares! 😉

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