Sick Babies Nursery

This experience may have been influence by the fact that February is black history month. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what else would influence this type of dream.

It all started out when I was taken to a crude baby nursery where sick babies were held for treatment. It was in some southern state, during the Jim Crow era.

The head nurse, a heavy set looking woman had some black workers come in and do some type of maintenance work. Then she found out that one of the workers had sick children, so she invited the worker to bring the sick children to the nursery so that they can get treatment.

The worker’s sick babies were put into the nursery. The head nurse was so moved, that sick babies were getting the treatment that wasn’t possible due to the restriction placed on black families because of the Jim Crow laws.

But outside forces weren’t happy that there were nonwhite babies being treated at the clinic. The head nurse started to receive death threats.

But the head nurse didn’t care, she realized that nothing should stand in the way of giving sick babies the treatment that they need.

The black workers offered to stand guard around the nursery, and they were joined by other white men from the head nurse’s community. So, the baby  nursery was safe from vandals.

But the unthinkable happened, the baby nursery got infiltrated by a member of a white supremacist group. The white supremacist got into the nursery, and went to the incubators where the sick babies were kept. Then he took one of the babies. It was a Chinese baby, but despite that the baby was sick, and it could be fatal if the baby were to be removed from the incubator; the white supremacist kidnapped the baby anyway.

The white supremacist know that baby was sick, and he really didn’t want to be responsible if the kidnapped baby died. The white supremacist took the kidnapped sick Chinese baby to the local hospital and put the sick Chinese baby in the maternity ward where it will be discovered.

But the local hospital was pretty laxed, and it took a while before the sick Chinese baby was discovered.

But once the sick Chinese baby was discovered, the local hospital took the sick Chinese baby back to the sick babies nursery. The head nurse was already contacted by the white supremacist group and told her that the sick Chinese baby was kidnapped, but they didn’t tell her that the baby was put in a place where it could be found. Instead, they left her to ponder the baby’s fate. One can imagine the psychological terror that weighed on the head Nurse’s mind. But in the end she was so elated to see that the sick Chinese baby was brought back to the sick babies nursery.

The downside to the kidnapping was that the sick Chinese baby missed some treatment and its aliment had gotten a bit worse. So, it was touch and go before the sick Chinese baby was in stable condition again.

The white supremacist group told the head nurse that they can take any of the sick babies when they wanted to and but they will leave the nursery alone if they would kick the sick black babies out.

Lucky for the sick black babies, they beat their aliment, and they were healthy. But there was one other child a five year old that was still sick, and his recovery was slow.

But with a heavy heart, the head nurse told the black family of the sick five-year old that they had to leave, even though the five-year-old was still sick.

The head nurse had to make the best decision to keep the other sick babies safe. But she didn’t tell the black families the reason why they had to leave.    

Well at least the two babies are healthy, but the black family didn’t understand why the head nurse is turning away the sick boy. Some of the head nurse staff didn’t know either.

So there was talk among the staff that the head nurse should not be in charge any more, there was talk of a hospital staff coup, beginning with the staff walking out.

But the Chinese family told the staffers about what happened to the kidnapped baby, and the telephone operator over heard the white supremacist group giving the head nurse the ultimatum. So now the staffers understood what was going on.

But still there was a feeling that they should help the nearby black community to tend to the sick babies.

So a plan was devised, and the staffers contacted the local black doctor and offered to train his nurses into taking care of sick babies.

Then the staffers took their salaries and pooled it together, and paid for construction of a sick baby’s nursery in the black section of town.

After the new sick babies nursery in the black section of town was built, it was named in honor of the head nurse who sacrificed everything so that sick babies have a chance of life.  

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  1. A sick child nursery policy refers to guidelines put in place by a childcare center or nursery to help manage the care of children who become sick while in their care. The policy outlines the procedures and protocols for handling sick children, including when they should be kept home, how to manage the spread of illness, and when they can return to the nursery. The policy also typically provides Cambiati information on the signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses and how parents can support their child’s recovery at home. The main objective of a sick child nursery policy is to promote the health and well-being of all children in the nursery while minimizing the spread of illness.

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