Fishing On What’s up

              Just the other day I downloaded the “What’s up” app, at the insistence of a couple of class mates of mine from a trading course, who wanted to keep in contact.

What was supposed to happen was that we were to create a trading group, and put what we learned in the class into practice. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Hey, but the memory space didn’t go to waste, the What’s up app revealed that a couple of my phone contacts are active on the app.

So, occasionally, I get messages from them, and sometimes use it for long distance calling. It saves a lot in long distance charges.

It’s all good until I started getting messages from unknown numbers. All from females whom I don’t know. Not sure how these women got my number. Well, I usually ignore them, perhaps some scammers looking to get something.

But one day after I got up in the middle of the night, and wasn’t feeling sleepy. I decided to kill some time and engage in a conversation with one of those women from one of the unknown numbers.

Her name is Camellia Lopez, she had a picture of herself on the number, somehow, I doubt that it was her real picture, she has been sending a message here and there for the past two days, so our conversation went like this:

C.L: Hey

T.G: Hello

C.L: How are you today?

C.L: What are you doing today?

T.G: Hello, I’m OK how about you?

C.L: I’m fine and what are you doing now, where are you from

T.G: New York, how did you get my number?

C.L: I made a mistake of one number of my friend, mistakenly I got your number and saw your profile, you are so cute and handsome and I wanted to know you more better; are you mad at me?

T.G: Not mad, where did you see my profile?

C.L: What is your name? My name is Camilla Lopez

At this point, I didn’t feel too comfortable telling her my name

T.G: OK, still need to know where you saw my profile

C.L: I saw your profile picture on my cell phone, it says let me add you and know who you are that’s why I’m waiting for you

I found this to be strange. My picture is on my social media sites, here at True_George, my You tube Channel, and my Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I have a Facebook page called “Books by True George. All those accounts do not have an invitation message asking anyone to add me on to their contacts. So you can see, she has raised my suspicions.

T.G: Interesting; your number is marked as a business account; I just want to make sense of this

C.L: Ok, you are interested about that my what’s up App is a business what’s up app that is why, so we can continue

C.L: Can you tell me your name

So, at this point in time, even though I didn’t feel comfortable giving her my name, I decided to do it; I felt the conversation wouldn’t go anywhere if I didn’t give her my name.

T.G: George, what are you selling?

C.L: I am a military woman

T.G: OK, wife, Soldier, Marine or Navy?

C.L: Soldier

C.L: What do you do for a living now

T.G: Government Bureaucrat

C.L: Ok my love; how old are you, are you single or married?

T.G: I’m single;Check out my blog

C.L: I don’t understand you

T.G: Well you said you saw my profile, not sure where, the only profile I have is on my blog

C.L: This is the one I saw on there

At this point I couldn’t help but feel that she lied

T.G: Where are you stationed

C.L: I am working with the United States Army for 12 years now; I’m presently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq for a peacekeeping mission; I have stayed here for the past 6 months now, but I have a few months to complete my mission here in Baghdad, Iraq.

C.L: I was deployed to Libya last two years to support Operation Freedom’s Sentinel as a member of the combined joint special task force, but this year I am presently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, For the eradication of ISIS

At this point my suspicions are being confirmed that C.L isn’t what she is claiming to be. First when military people tell you where they are stationed. They usually tell you their unit and MOS. Second, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel was the mission in Afghanistan, not Libya, and as far as the US gov’t is concerned, ISIS has already been eradicated. Plus, by how she is constructing her sentences, she has a poor command of English.

T.G: And what is it that you want communicating on what’s up    

C.L: Not yet…

I wondered what does she mean “not yet…”

C.L: But I’m looking for a serious relationship because should I divorce with my husband I am single searching for a good man that will take good care of me and my daughter

T.G: But you’re in Baghdad

C.L: Yes, my dear friend

T.G: So how is a relationship is going to work

C.L: You will make it work

T.G: Me, what about you

C.L: Yes

C.L: Can we know each other more better

T.G: I don’t know, you’re married, you’re far away, you’re looking after a child…what is in it for me

C.L: That is not matter what matters is the love is not far away but what matters is the love you have for the person

My thoughts were; what! Are you kidding…?

T.G: How can you speak about love when we don’t know each other. Plus you married who you love

At this point she did not have anything much to say.

C.L: I know that but that…

C.L: Are you not interesting for what I say

My thoughts at this point was that she is crazy if she thinks that I will be in a relationship with her; she is a married woman with a child. She might be good for a one-night stand, but a relationship, she must be out of her mind.

T.G: Sweetheart, I am an ex-Soldier who spent time in Iraq. I know how it is

C.L: Honey, I really know that but love matters a lot

After she said that, I said to myself, this chick is talking nonsense

T.G: You missing the point; first I’m an alpha male who don’t settle for being a side piece. Plus you are too far to even get a taste

C.L: You are coffe me..

After she said that her picture on the phone number disappeared….

Does anyone know what “coffe me” means? I know in some circles, coffee is a slang for having sex. In West Hollywood, it means anal.

Perhaps she said “fuck you” or you’re an asshole….

What do you think? From the beginning, I believed this whole conversation was prelude to some sort of scam. I didn’t think that she was being sincere, that she is just looking for love. Maybe she was looking to squeeze some money out of some sorry sap sucker. I was not going to be that sorry sap sucker.   


  1. Had to laugh at that whole conversation! Especially when you said:
    ” I don’t know, you’re married, you’re far away, you’re looking after a child…what is in it for me”
    I started asking ‘What’s in it for me’ when I got to 50 whenever I fancied some guy – each time I came out with the answer ‘nothing’ so I didn’t bother any more! 😀


    • LOL..that woman was crazy or I suspected that she was looking to scam me out of money. I doubt she was even an American, or even in the mlilitary
      That woman had nothing to offer; at least if she would have said that there would be a lot of unconditional sex it would be a bargaining chip. But nowadays just bring sex to the table is not enough. Plus, no one wants to face a jealous Husband, it always end bad.
      If anyone asks me that question “what’s in it for me,’ my answer to them would “an orgasm” then watch their response..


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