Driving 55 and UP

I knew this dude. They called him crazy because he used to speed. I swear when I’m in a car with this guy driving around the speedometer’s needle stay between 70 and 75 mph on the city streets alone. On the highway he exceeds 90 mph. He owned a Mercury Capri and supped it up. The Capri sounds and runs like a race car and he was a menace on the road, it’s a wonder this guy did not do any street drag racing, and to top it off, he was always sober.

There was much infamous stuff that was done in that Capri. Like the time when he was doing his usually standard 75 mph passing every other car when a dude walking a dog was crossing the street and then crazy zipped past them hitting the dog in the process. We went so fast and blew passed them; we realized the dog was hit and when we looked back, the man still did not realize that the dog was dead. He was pulling the lease dragging the dead limp dog. We all laughed about it and took off before the man realized what happened.

Well I guess that I got my bad driving habits from hanging with that crazy driver because with the exception of DWI and DUI I was cited for every violation on the books. Now the reason why I was not cited for DWI/DUI is because I was not caught doing it. I’ll tell you it was a miracle that I was not caught DWI/DUI because I used to do it frequently. I guess everyone can agree that you have a problem if the only thing that you can remember after a night in a bar is opening the car door at point A and waking up in your bed the next morning and have no memory of being behind the wheel of a car, what route was taken or even parking the car. I had to put the brakes on that behavior real quick before something happened. It was also a miracle that I was not arrested after the cops run my license and see the many moving violation convictions.

So now you can have only so many convictions for moving violations before the traffic courts start to hit you in the wallet. The standard guidelines do not apply and the judge imposes a fine to a figure that he decides that he wants you to pay. Then the insurance companies refuse to insure your vehicle. Since New York State is a mandatory car insurance state some companies cannot refuse to insure a driver. They merely give you a quote that they know you can’t afford. The state tries to revoke your license, but there are ways to get around that.

The good thing is that after a three year period, moving violations begin to fall off your license, so slowly all the violations that were racked up dropped off to the point where I have zero violations.
Can anyone tell me the moral of this story?

Can’t Drive 55

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