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Psych Ward Chronicles is about an Intern’s interacting with inpatients of a psychiatry Hospital.

The Intern was the Author True George who complied the interactions in his student clinical journal. The documentation of the interactions were originally used during the classroom portion of the internship program to facilitate a discussion on how to best deal with mentally ill people and the approach to therapy.

Each chronicle was turned into a short story that expresses the inpatients their frustrations about their situation. The side effects of medication; forbidding patient on patient relationships. A suicide attempt. The requirements for program discharge. Issues of patients being released and escaping from the psychiatry hospital; plus many more accounts that takes place in the psychiatry institution.

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Two short stories that touch on two political issues that the nation is grappling with.

The first story “Degenerates” is about a group of racist mischief-makers who wants to create mayhem and terrorize a neighborhood, but they recognized that they are not organized to pull it off. They found a group that specializes in organizing and provides training to other groups of racists and nationalists who need to learn how to take their activities to the next level. What they learned was something totally unexpected.

The second story “Me Too,” is about a family of immigrants outraged because a family member was allegedly raped. They located the perpetrator’s home and they went there looking for justice.

The inspiration came from a movie and an actual event that took place in NYC a couple of years back. I don’t remember the title of the movie, but it was an old movie made during the 1970s; and a Malcolm X speech. Both had a powerful message and I hope the story sends the same message. The real-life event was that a college student mad accusations of rape against five males that were invited to attend a party thrown by the students. Justice was sought but the scales weren’t balanced.

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Night Watch is a fiction short storybook that contains 10 paranormal stories and one dark story.

The stories were written over time and were based on the ideas of various paranormal stories, movies, and personal experience.

The character names were picked from people who I have crossed paths with during the course of my life’s journey.

The book is self-published and edited to the best of my ability.

A brief rundown is as follows:

1) The plot: Two people stumble on an abandon mansion and encounter a restless spirit

2) Torture Chamber: A dark tale of the head torturer falling in love with one of his captives

3) Damned: A succubus vampire preying on a lonely person

4) The Warning: The spirit of a night watch Security Guard’s Grandmother appears to warn him of danger from the unseen

5) The Church: Someone seeks refuge in a Church and encounters something unexpected

6) Redrum: The residue haunting exonerates a man accused of murder

7) Apparition: A Nursing home night staff member encounters the spirits of former residents seeking assistance

8) Woodland: Two Soldiers on a training course in the woods end up in an off-limits area where they get the fright of their lives

9) Witchhunt: Old women accused of being witches are rounded up to cover up the accuser’s secret

10) Country Road: A man meets the woman of his dreams on a desolate road only to discover its too good to be true

11) The Lake’s Spirit: A descendant of a Native America tribe does a self pilgrimage of his ancestral land and find that the lake’s life force is being drained

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1.Cesspool of Corruption: Sam a corrupted civil servant has fallen for one of his clients and he engages in unethical behavior in hopes of being with her.

2. Love in the Garden: Adam and his wife Lilith have marital woes; God decides to intervene and hatched a plan to separate them, but things did not go as planned

3. The Sultry Affair: Jack meets Carmen; it was lust at first sight, they spend some time together in the most unlikey place, where their true feelings came out.

4. Infection: Jose gets reacquainted with Jessica and invites her to spend to time with him while Jessica is waiting for her new place to be ready. Jose unwittingly got more then he bargained for