There are locations on earth that are invisible that emits natural electrical and energy sources, we call these locations vortexes the energy in these locations flow in and out like a whirlwind tornado. Para normal activity is normally high in these locations, and has an effect on the environment and on animals, people and machines. Sometimes an animal can either be afraid or act out, people may be able to see strange lights and experience Para normal events.  Phenomena such as mystical healing may occur, the earth can turn color and rocks may become magnetize, compasses go out of whack, and electrical equipment fails.

There are unique energies emitted from vortexes that cannot be sensed with the senses of sight, smell or taste however individuals who interact with a vortex can feel the energy flow with their bodies. The energy involved is electric and magnetic, or a combination we call electro-magnetic, these are the earth’s energy, and they flow in and out of the earth. Depending on the location, and the amount of energy present there will be different effects.

The size of a vortex varies, for vortexes associated with ghosts and small Para normal events they are small and concentrated in a specific location.  There are those that cover several square miles, and have much more power, like the ones at Cathedral Rock, Boyton Canyon, and Sedona. Vortexes can occur anywhere, inside caves, on riverbeds, within a house, or on the grounds of a cemetery.

Contra to popular belief, a vortex does not necessarily create para normal activity. However the vortex’s energy enhances psychic abilities allowing people to experience the para normal that are already in progress in the area. The energy from the vortex also enhances the para normal forces causing the para normal activity to happen more frequently.

Scientists who examined some of these vortexes found that the vortexes were geophysical anomalies. The scientists have acknowledge that they cannot explain the electromagnetic fields, and large amounts of charged ion particles flowing in the air and how it causes biochemical reactions within living organisms. The scientists have also acknowledged that there is an increase in vortex anomalies days before a drastic geological event such as an earthquake, and volcanic eruptions. The tension and friction in the earth’s crust drive the energies upward, the pressure builds up until the energies is pushed out of the earth’s inner core. As the energies flow, the rate increases, and the para normal activity also increases.

As people come into contact with a vortex, the energy interacts with the person’s own magnetic field, and the flow of energies is felt within the body. The energy interaction is said to be a catalyst of healing effects and in many other para normal event that has been witnessed by the person who reports such experience. Scientists have established that certain biochemical reactions occur within living beings when they come into contact with a vortex. For each person, the reaction will be different due to the electromagnetic field of each person is different.

Some ancient civilizations have recognized and felt the vortex energies, and built sacred temples and holy shrines on the locations, which amplifies the energies at that location. Some of these early cultures believed that the areas were divine transmitters where individuals could receive spiritual wisdom, and strength. Almost every culture experienced and has interacted with the energies of a vortex. The Europeans erected stone megaliths on them, the Aztecs built their pyramid temples on them, the Chinese call the energies yin and yang, the Aborigines in Australia named the flow of energies Spirit Line, and the American Indian call the energies Spirit Paths.

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  1. Both my mother and myself are pretty susceptible to these kinds of places (didn’t know about the vortex theory before I read this though). What I can’t understand is how others, such as my friend and ex, are completely numb to any kind of energy or interference and feel nothing at all. He’s like an absolute brick wall and nothing gets through to him. What do you think is different about people like him? I find it weird (he probably finds me weird too).

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    • In my opinion It depends on a person’s vibrational development. In the modern world we are taught to dismiss natural phenomenons like vortexes, the religions are more about the control of the masses then spiritual development. Most people are in survival mode the fundamental way of life is about attaining selfish goals and mentally not ready to accept that they are more then just a physical being…..

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  2. I lived in a vortex area for over 6 months. It really affected my perception. I was able to see multidimensional beings, and my dog did too. We hiked down an isolated path and on both sides of it ran these strange creatures that I could see through. My dog was extremely nervous and I had to gentle him to continue walking, Later on a psychic radio show I described the creatures and a listener called in and read a description of what archons looked like. I had described them exactly. While living in the vortex I saw: shadow people, archons, and little furry looking things no larger than 7 or 8 inches tall running around the house. I even saw an origami pterodactyl fly by! My esp, intuition and other psychic gifts were off the charts. Several years ago I read an article describing what qualifications a vortex must have. I don’t remember them except one, all vortex areas have a military base near. And this was true too.

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