Weather Control

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With the recent events of category 5 hurricanes that has wreak havoc in Houston, Texas, South Florida and the Caribbean Inasmuch as September being hurricane season there has never been a back to back category 5 hurricanes. To top that off there was an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude that struck Mexico. The earthquake was centered in the ocean, and since the magnitude was 8.1 it has triggered a tsunami warning. Waves of up to 10 feet could hit the Mexican coast while waves of 3 feet could reach as far as Ecuador, New Zealand and Vanuatu. Scary isn’t it, well if you’re hearing what I am hearing then this is just scratching the surface.

Well what I’ve been hearing is that this weather activity is a result of god’s wrath against evil America. It’s a punishment because America elected the anti-Christ Trump President (didn’t they call Obama the anti-Christ when he was elected?), it is a result of man-made interference of controlling the weather. Evil America and the anti-Christ angle is a bit farfetched for me, I’m going with man-made interference. Why? because it is well documented that man has built technology that has a great effect on weather. It is so effective that man has successfully changed weather patterns at will. Yet, man has forgotten Newton’s third Law of Physics “for every action, there is an opposite reaction.” Mother nature will hit back and she hits hard.

So now you may ask so how does man control the weather? There is a program called the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This is a joint venture of the U.S Navy and Air Force. This program beams electromagnetic pulses or a concentration of pulses into the Earth’s Ionosphere depending on what the objective is the results that are produced can range from altering a community’s mood, to elements of mind control similar to the Voice of God technology, to controlling the weather. It is well known that the program is used as a military weapon as well as politically.

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Now what if I told you that HAARP is just the American version. Now if you didn’t know then let me tell you that for every technology that the Americans are using in the name of national security and defense, their step sister Russia develops something similar designed to counter the American effort.  The Russian program is called   SURA, I’m not sure what the acronym means but it is surprising that the Russian program is older than the American program by at least ten years. It seems that Russia when it was known as the Soviet Union was at the fore front of developing electronic weapons. SURA is known for causing earth quakes as well as being used as an electronic weapon.

So now you know of the American and Russian programs, now it seems China does not want to be left out in the cold. There is talk of the Chinese funding developments of the same type of technology. But it remains to be seen what they develop.

I guess nikola tesla didn’t think that his coil technology would be used in this manner.


  1. Hello True George,

    I wonder if the alleged North Korean nuclear weapon test(s) (probably underground detonations, where allegedly strange seismic activity was detected by several other countries who monitor North Korea) could have caused and / or effected / affected the earthquake in some way?

    -John Jr

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