Voice of God


Is anyone sure that their thoughts are their own? What you dream, see or hear is something that is a creation of your own mind, thoughts, ideas and creativity. What if I told you that these internal and intimate functions can be orchestrated by external manipulation? Would you believe what you hear? Are you curious? Well what you hear from True_George may be a bit controversial, don’t sell it short because it is happening for real. Technology of the day is a factor. True_George has broken it down for you. I mean this is just scratching the surface to bring an awareness of what’s out there. Before that is done I just want to take a peek into the historically aspect of it all and we’ll progress from there.


Throughout the ages those who have held some type of power have being involved in finding a way to get masses of people to disregard their own free will and do their bidding.  It all begins by looking back in the Kabbalah history; it is apparent that when it comes to mind control we’re dealing with information that was compiled by the Egyptian and Babylonian mystic schools. The Roman Empire absorbed the information after they conquered Egypt when it was on the decline. Once the conquest was complete the Romans discovered the libraries in Alexander and took the mystic information to the Vatican and from there they brought it to the rest of Europe during the time when they occupied England.

When Rome fell, Europe declined into the period called the “Dark ages” It was around that time the religious wars called the Crusades began. Out of the Crusades a group called the “Order of Assassins” emerged. This group made illicit use of the technology of drugs to get people to become assassins. Over time other groups such as the Illuminati and the Occult Syndicate have been into mind control for over a millennial. The technology that they used were drugs, trauma, positive and negative reinforcement, disassociation, sexual abuse. The mentioned technology were used on people when they were young it is the ancient way of creating split personalities and triggers so that the person will go from one personality to another. When they switch personalities, and do things the person will have no memory of what they have done. In essence they become a Manchurian Candidate (https://truegeorge.com/2015/06/23/manchurian-candidate-exposed/).


 Many believed that the MKULTRA program that the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) developed had its roots in NAZI Germany. However, it is not the case, as you can see the roots of this type of program spans well before the period when the NAZI party was not even an afterthought. A lot of it is ancient ideas and groups like the Illuminati  have been subjecting their family members to the various techniques for hundreds of years (https://truegeorge.com/2015/06/08/the-illuminatis-trauma-based-mind-control/). Other groups have subjected their members into remembering large amounts of materials of information. The key to this is that when the member read the extensive material, they focus their attention to memorizing it. The focused attention will allow the member to fall into an altered state of conscious. Once they get into an altered state they will unconsciously remember large amounts of information. The member is a willing participant in the process.

Today people can be put into an altered State of consciousness without being a willing participant. It is done remotely using micro wave or radio wave technology. This is done by using flat panels to send a signal beam that is focused on a person (targeted Individual). The signal will vibrate their skull and the wet tissue in their brain. The person will hear sounds or voices. The sound or voices will not be heard through the ears but through their minds. This is called the “voice of god” technology. The panel looks like a flat lap top on a stall. It would have a cable attached to a box similar to how micro phone is attached to an amplifier, except that the box will have pre-recorded frequencies; or the box may have what is called a “data download” program. The person who creates the data download programing are called “Programmers.” The beam that carries the data download program will stimulate the brain and give the targeted individual a visual, audio and olfactory experience. In essence it will give a targeted individual an hallucination and along with the hallucinations comes full feelings, smell and sounds. This is done when the panel is aimed at the targeted individual and a signal beamed transmitted focusing on the target.


When the technology was first created it only works on extremely low frequencies (EFL) waves (https://truegeorge.com/2015/04/21/extremely-low-frequency-elf/) now it works with the blooming effect. An example of the blooming effect would be when you pull your car into the garage with the headlights on. You’ll see the closer you get to the wall the light beams becomes more narrow and focused. This happens with all waves. Radio waves, light waves, laser beams, micro-waves. Also changes in the atmosphere can cause the blooming effect in certain technologies. There is a pheromone called phase congregation this occurs when you have two wave beams, the beams will converge to a certain point then they will come together as though there is one beam. The concentration and strength of the beams double. Imaging a convergence of 3 beams the strength will be 3 times more powerful then 1.

With the newer technology; it can be used from aircraft, lower orbit satellites, and drones. Most of it is line of sight which means that the target will have to be in full view and be located at a certain distance for it to work. However there is other technology that can penetrate certain materials such as the roof of a house and walls of a building.  The implications mean that a person could be sleeping in their beds and a drone flying overhead can capture their heat signature then a program suited just for this individual will be prepared on the data down load  and  is delivered by beaming either radio or micro waves on the person. The person can be given a dream or be given a complete experience. Keep in mind that in reality the experience will be a false one. The voice of god technology could be used to induce dreams in the targeted person. More things can also be done. For example if the perpetrator want the targeted individual to see someone appear out of thin air and start talking to them then it can happen. Additionally the technology can make the targeted person smell any type of odor and hear any type of noise.

The technology is not always used as a weapon. It is also used to contact operatives while they are in the field. For example an operative is behind enemy lines the agency will send a data down load message to give the operative information. It is used with Spies, Special Forces and black ops agents.

As the technology became more prevalent the Federal agents began to abuse it. They started to use the technology for personal use. For example they started to use it on their ex-wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and targeted any individuals that pissed them off. The technology became an off the shelve means if an agent wanted some sort of personal gain and enforcing an agent’s will onto somebody else.


There is a technology called “bio-neuro interfacing” it is used to contact people to convince them that they are in contact with some sort of religious icon, syndicate master or extraterrestrials. They make them think that they are channeling some type of prophet. Communication is sent to the targeted individual. Also data download program is used against them. This may surprise some individuals who think that they are channeling positive information from positive entities when in fact they are being fed information from gov’t agents from various types of agencies.

The technology is also being used in warfare to convince the enemy that they are in service to their god or a prophet is coming down to them. In this case think of the groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This is just one example of a group who is driven because someone who acts has their spiritual leader receives some type of message from their god or prophet.

The bio-neuro interface technology was developed to be used  with the blue beam type of technology. The blue beam technology is a holographic ground based, it is  used to create visuals in the skies that could be seen by masses of people. The visuals are 3-dimensional. However most of the blue beam technology has been taken out of the voice of god technology and it is mostly used by block ops groups.


During the time of the order of Assassins, they used to the power of drugs to get people to do things that is normally outside of their ethical boundaries. One can say that the voice of god technologies is also has the same effect but it is more precise. The technology induces the brain to release different types of chemicals which will cause the person to do bad acts. However over time it can cause depression and depending on how strong the person’s will is if they start to take medication for the depression and anxiety it makes the technology more effective. The outcome of frequent use of the data down load feature is that the person will be likely to develop schizophrenia even if the person is mentally sound and is unlikely to develop the disorder under normal everyday living conditions. It will also cause a chemical imbalance in the brain exposing them to develop paranoid schizophrenia.

Approximately 80 to 85% of people have E.T DNA in larger amounts then 20 to 25% it is that physiology difference that the technology hardly works on them at all. These people are less susceptible to the technology or they can train themselves to be less susceptible. Also empathic people and people with some sort of spiritual connection can be less susceptible to these types of technology. However these types of people can be tricked easier because they tend to be over confident; feeling that they are spiritual protected. They think that it would not happen to them.

People have the freewill to offset messages and also have the capacity to reach out for help from those around them or those who are part of their lives. Recognize that it would take years of conditioning to get someone to act as an assassin. But if the targeted person is a negative person it would be easier to trigger them into becoming an assassin. If the targeted person is a positive person and who would not normally do any negative acts, that person would ultimately make a choice whether to listen to the suggestions and follow them or disregard them.

On the other hand the perpetrators of the technology had to have the technology used on them so that they will know what it feels like when they use it on others. This is way that they can recognize if someone else is using the technology on them.

For those who don’t know one way to recognize if the technology is being used on yourself is that your skull would feel warmer and the voice you hear feel like you are thinking it yourself, but the voice will be a different voice other than your own.

The list of the names of the technology

  • Voice to god or V2K: called voice to skull devices it makes the skull vibrate causing acoustic frequencies that people can hear. It also causes the small bones in the ear to vibrate. Beware that there are commercial versions of V2K devices.
  • Remote behavioral influence: An overall term used for behavioral modification
  • Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD): Used of the panel (voice of god) because people think they are carrying the voice of god inside them
  • Defense Advance Research Agency (DARA): Most of the technologies are developed by DARA




  1. George? Your appearance with this information is simply amazing. It’s coming to me, this whole setup is a counterfit of the ways of our Father/Creator.
    I am familiar with the Illuminate, but! Not nearly as specific as your information. I asked of my Father, “What’s wrong with me?” Now I know.
    Nothing is wrong with me, but! The aim of the Powers To Be is to confuse me and the rest of the world. Out of chaos and confusion they emerge victoriously, but! Guess what?
    The Ever Existent One–the Almighty Creator of the whole Universe and everything there in including ourselves? HE IS STILL ON HIS THRONE! He is still in control of His creation. He is still in control of our destiny.
    Yes. We have sinned. We have disregarded His command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We continue to gorge ourselves with such knowledge. We abandon Him. We have chosen to worship whatever deity suits us best. We have gone through hell and back looking for love in all the wrong places.
    INDEED! Such is the fact about us human beings, but! The Almighty Father/Creator? His wisdom is unfathomable. Despite it all? His plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation–to be loved and love in return is in effect.
    But why is this information now coming to surface? His timing. Simple.
    I remain in awe of His doings! True George–another angel (messenger) sent to me to expose the counterfit that has troubled me into thinking something was wrong with me. O what a mighty Yah we serve. 🙂


  2. I’m a victim of a v2k weapon because I witnessed a murder coverup. They tormented me for two years they still are but their crime was caught on google maps. But it isn’t the first time I experienced this weapon. But now I know were they live and they used it to manipulate home owners out of their property and trick people into prison. For Twenty years , But of course I can’t prove it.

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  3. Hello True George,

    Thank you for taking the time to make this post, you covered some things that I have not heard of before, and some things that I have heard before.

    Some of what you talked about is definitely real confirmed stuff, some of it is things that I assumed might be possible, and some of it I am not so sure about but I could be wrong.

    When it comes to the use of these technologies for dream manipulation how common do you think they are used for that purpose, what types of people do you think are the common targets, and what do you think is the common purpose(s) for these technologies being used in that way?

    -John Jr

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    • I’m not to sure how people are targeted. I’ve heard from people who have not political affiliation, they are not activist, not rich, or have a criminal record. Just everyday folk, they claim they are attacked by these weapons. I even had an experience messing with those who say they are targets.
      Right now I think the use is wide spread used by advertising industry. The same way were using subliminal messages embedded in their advertising and movies. Since subliminal messages don’t work they moved on to ELF and voice of god technology.
      I also think private people and groups use it for their own purposes. V2K technology is sold commercially you can buy a device that transmit voice to skull messages and it is not expensive. If you don’t want to buy one you can build one. Schismatics are also being sold.
      For dream manipulation perhaps a church, Mosque or temple worshiping some deity who want to gain recruits or retain followers by giving them a dream that the Priest predicted saying it is a message from the almighty. The gov’t may use it on group leaders of cults to control the organization making it a non threat. Perhaps a company wants to sell products and using it to influence customers. Many organizations, people many agendas……

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      • That makes sense, you might be right, thank you for answering my questions True George.

        The voice to skull technology is definitely being used commercially, I once saw a video online of it being used for advertising purposes on people walking by on a sidewalk.

        Do you think any of this technology could be used for good purposes like education, lucid dreaming, et cetera without some of those negative side effects happening over time?

        -John Jr

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        • Perhaps but what is going to improve people is a threat to gov’t, church, and institutions that exists for the purpose of exploiting people and big industry. Colleges will go out of business
          We are better off not depending on technology for development in the spiritual area. Also to get a lucid dream. I would use it as an aide perhaps a push to get to the next level. But to use it every time to get those experiences won’t do nothing for development. Remember one develops in those areas when the mind is ready for the next level. If the mind isn’t ready there is repercussions and we may not be willing to pay the price….

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