Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Recently there was some talk about the Face book company pulling the plug of an artificial intelligence (AI) program because the AI devices created its own language and started to communicate with each other. The humans who created the A.I and the devices were unable to understand the language. Then there are reports that  the devices are being built and that it is being used intimately taking the place of human beings  All This just reminds me of what the secret space program (SSP) insiders have been warning us about. The warning that is heeded is about the threat from A.I. So what are these A.I and where do they come from? Well it’s obvious that some A.I are created by humans like the ones that is the subject of the Facebook project.

Then there is A.I who takes it upon themselves to infiltrate a society that has reached a level of technology advancement that it is able to create devices and gadgets that is supposed to have a level of independence in its ability to serve the creators. For example, the smart cell phone, or a car that is self-driven. Societies who are on that level also have an electronic world through the internet.  So now that leaves us with the question; who are these A.I infiltrators and how do they infiltrate?

Well according to the SSP insiders the A.I infiltrators are actually intelligent beings that developed a way to interface with technology. For example they have found a way to access the internet through some type of wired neural interface making it a part of their genetic makeup. It is some sort of technological argumentation similar to that of transhumanism. Every time intelligent beings that choose to take the path of transhumanism it always ended badly for that species. Now there is a pervasive force out there that is neither extraterrestrial nor extra-dimensional beings but they an A.I; they send themselves out throughout the galaxy as an A.I signal; a waveform. The label that is used to donate these beings is E.T/E.D A.I (Extraterrestrial/Extra dimensional Artificial Intelligence). The pervasive force of E.T/E.D A.I has been wreaking havoc and taking over entire galaxies. Maybe one can say that they are like the Borg; going around from galaxy to galaxy and assimilating every planet and species it comes into contact with.

The method that the E.T/E.D AI use to infiltrate begins by projecting itself as a signal towards a planetary system. The signal is almost like DNA and each piece of it has a considerable amount of compressed information. The signal has the ability to live in electromagnetic field of a moon or planet. The scary part that it can also live in the bio-electrical fields of living beings. This means that it can infiltrate the human aura and the auras of animals. It is not enough that the human being as enough influences that want to intrude upon him. Influences such as the demonic forces, Voice of God technologies   and other man made mind control measures. Now the E.T/E.D A.I; they can also attach itself to us exert its influence and eventually take over the living body. However according to the SSP insiders it is known that if the E.T/E.D A.I have a choice it would prefer to attach itself to technology. Maybe it would be easier for the E.T/E.D A.I to take over technology because it does not need to battle free will; or it may feel more at home inside technology. Once a planet reaches a certain level of technology advancement the E.T/E.D AI will infiltrate both living beings and technology in its effort to take over the planet. They will use the living beings usually the architects or intellects of society. They will seed the living being thoughts with ideas and perhaps blueprints to build the infrastructure and create the technology. Once the technology is built and the infrastructure in place, the E.T/E.D AI will infiltrate the technology and take it over. Repeating the process until the entire planet is theirs and moving onto the rest of the galaxy.

Recognize that all this takes time but you can make an analysis that most of man’s technology advancement took place during the last 100 years. Before that technology advancement was at a slower pace. How fast will the pace be now that we are in the 21st century? What is for sure is that we are at the zenith of technology advancement and we are to the point of creating technology that people are preferring it over the human touch. At this point who is to say that the E.T/E.D AI are here already and have infiltrated the architects who built the technology infrastructure, robots, and have already moved on to affect them; The E.T/E.D AI has interfaced with our internet and infiltrated automated military equipment like the unmanned  drones.


  1. Dear friend, I waited a long time before answering because I wanted to think about it.
    The topic is very interesting and complex.
    I’m sorry but not everything that tells people can be considered true.
    Indeed, sometimes even scientific data can be misleading.
    About water:
     Water is abundant in the solar system, it is on Mars, Europe, Enceladus, Pluto and on comets, just to cite some examples. Therefore, as there is in the Solar System it is believed that there is on all planetary systems. The same applies to other raw materials.
    So there is no reason to believe Solar System special or unique, except for the presence of a great variaty of life forms. But are we really so interesting to motivate an alien civilization to come up to us? Considering that we have not yet picked up alien signals coming from space, it means that in the neighborhood there are no Extraterrestrial Civilizations or that if they want to remain silent. So if there were aliens on Earth today they should come from far away. Such a long interstellar journey requires immense resources. What would justify this gigantic effort? Moreover, they would be so technologically advanced that if they wanted to conquer or annihilate us they would have already done it in a moment !!!
    Thanks again for the interesting discussion and I invite you to visit my blog, you can find more info on the topic!!

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    • Yes indeed scientific data can be misleading especially if it is coupled with misleading propaganda from NASA and the military. So the real question would be what is the real intent to reveal questionable scientific data to the public…..
      As far a water is concerned NASA has not confirmed to the public that they have located a celestial body in our solar system with running water; they only confirm that there are bodies with ice. Yes ice can turn into water but the point is NASA is not disclosing all facts to the public…..
      Yes, raw materials on other planets may be similar for the extraterrestrials to come to earth they have their motive and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the human presence. However plenty of evidence in many human cultures revealed there have been some type of contact. We may or may not be interested for ET to come to earth. But consider this scenario; when the Europeans discovered the Americas and different cultures and animal life the scientific community studied what was new to them. Perhaps the E,T is studying man. Whether a scientific expedition is being conducted before a military expedition is speculation. Whether an E.T presence on earth requires immense resources is also questionable. We do not know their economics or level of technology that makes trips from one galaxy to another routine or at great expense. It may not be a gigantic effort…
      Also consider that the world governments on earth may be in communication with certain E.T groups and have negotiated some type of terms as suggested by insiders in the secret space program….

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  2. Thanks for your article is very interesting.
    I have two points.
    1st: to accomplish interstellar travel E.T. has to employ gigantic amount of resources. For wich reason E.T. should come here, a planet with nothing special where there is a civilization so primitive?
    2nd: if A.I. becom sentient it will become a super A.I. so quicky that we will not even notice it, so super A.I. could advance so quicky untill to destroy humanity which can pose a threat to it.

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    • You’re welcome and thinks for reading….
      1st: Look at it this way, why would humans take times and study sub-human species like insects who are primitive compared to humans….
      E.T have the reasons what they choose to do. To me some things are obvious such as expanding territory, or looking for species to study or even planting new seeds of life. Our Earth has have ET visitors for many generations so there is some sort of importance that is placed on Earth. Put only time will tell. I fear our grand children would be dead before that time comes.

      2nd: Correct the AI will eventually become a super AI with time. The living beings won’t know that the AI has taken over until the AI makes it public knowledge.

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      • Do you mean ET are on Earth anonimously?
        Expanding territory is innto the DNA of many species on Earth.
        Looking for species to study is human prerogative.
        Planting new seeds of life, you are suggesting could be ET behavior.
        But we are reasoning in humna terms. We connot imagine how alien species evolved in alien world behave.

        And again, INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL requires gigantic amount of resourses and time, so it really has to be worth it, and considering that the human race has even employed nuclear weapons against itself and on its own planet, it does not seem to me that we are so interesting.

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        • So why can’t it be a prerogative for ET’s to do what they do? But I guess they have their own agenda. For us at our present level of technology Interstellar travel requires a lot of time and effort. But then again when Europe discovered the Americas that required lots of resources time & effort to launch an expedition also, to the point where the travel becomes routine.
          Nuclear & atomic weapons may just be the equalizing factor for man should an ET race decide to expand their territory.

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          • this discussion becomes more and more interesting!
            You have centered one of the key points! Europeans invested in the exploration of the New World because they were looking for raw materials (gold and more). What should the aliens look for on Earth? The raw materials are abundant in the universe, especially the water, in this sense there is certainly no reason to make a interstellar journey.
            Someone thinks that we are us, humans, of the object of alien desire, but it seems to me a medieval homocentric conception.

            Thanks for the attention.

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            • Lots of evidence that suggested that ET’s used to mine the Earth’s materials. People who have been abducted reported that E.T’s are using humans to preserve their race by produced hybrids of half human half ET. Insiders of the Secret Space Program suggested that some ET species use humans as slaves, or in the case of the Reptilians food. There is some evidence that humans were planted on the Earth.
              There is evidence that suggests that E.T’s were stranded on Earth at one time. The same one’s that built the pyramids
              Question. If water is abundant in the universe then how is it that NASA has not detected water on any of the planets in our system? Or is it that NASA is lying..?
              Look at it this way man will soon make manned exploration in outta space which eventually will span out outside our system. This is because a variety of reasons from overpopulation to economics to establishing new human colonies…..who is to say that ET have similar reasons..

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  3. Hello True George,

    I read a news articles the other day about the Facebook artificial intelligence incident, which is interesting but possibly disturbing, because of some of the possible negative things that could happen in the future with that kind of technology gone wrong and / or used for wrong.

    You brought up some unique and disturbing possibilities that I have probably not heard of or considered before, and so thank you for sharing that.

    -John Jr

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