giant dad

I dreamed that I was talking to a female tenant that lives in one of my father’s buildings. I was giving her a message of some sort; I do not remember what that message was. There was some type of repair work going on in front of the building; someone was on a ladder doing the repair work.  I was walking back to the building and I saw that there was a crowd gathered outside of the building. When I reached the building the crowd gave way and allowed me to go through. It looked like the person that was on the ladder had fallen off it, and that the person resembled my father. I went into the building to find out how he fell off the ladder. It someone opened a window. It was the type of window that opens outward. When the windo was opened it hit the ladder and made the ladder unstable. The ladder gave way and the person on the ladder had fallen to the ground. The person that opened the window was the female that I spoke with earlier. She was a young woman late teens or early twenties.

Then I saw the Police and they were taking to my father’s wife. The woman that appeared as his wife did not look like his wife (my mother) in the real world. This wife was not grieving over the death; she started to make a pass at the cop that was taking the statement. Then she started to give away my father’s things away; but only gave away the things that she did not like.

Then I saw an over view of my father on the ground where he fell, and next to him there was another man who also fell off a ladder from the building next door. I don’t know who that man was, the resemblance was not familiar to me. The next thing I saw after that was that the bodies of my father and the other man were on top of an open-air transport to some type of facility. While they were being transported, their life force was put back into their bodies. Both of them were alive again. However when they stood up; they appeared to be much taller than they were before. They were turned into giants towering over everyone ……

Perhaps this was a symbolic dream of some sort. People often view their father as a giant after the father pass away and they begin to recognize what he done for them during his life time. Is this a way that the higher self is saying that I should recognize and view my father to be a giant in stature before his time comes….?

The wife and the other person from the building next door who fell is unrecognizable and I don’t know how they fit into the grand scheme.

If anyone have a different interpretation let me hear from you…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing your dream and your interpretation.

    Your interpretation sounds like it could work, I am not good at this sort of thing so my only addition was maybe the increased height could also represent an increased lifespan because they were dead but were brought back so their lives were extended a bit more, but that probably does not make much sense 😀 but that is all that I got to add to this other than this link from a dream dictionary:

    -John Jr

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