Torture Chamber


In the torture chamber where the captives are held until they are given to the person who will torture and eventually kill the captives. People who pay for the pleasure of inflicting pain and suffering and as an added bonus they can sexual rape their captives no one will know and there is no way anyone will bust in and rescue them because they are in an isolated location where no one will hear their screams.

Joey the main person in charge that oversees the running of the torture chamber took notice of the new captives being brought in. He was drawn to the beautiful woman who was kidnapped and taken to the fortress to be tortured and eventually killed by someone who bid the highest to get the pleasure of having his way with her. Joey did not want that to happen. He wanted the woman for himself. So he told his hencemen to take her to his quarters. Joey thought that if he pampered the woman she will submit to him and will give herself to him. This is what he preferred rather than just taking what he wanted. So he put his seduction skills into gear. Treated her kindly, gave her what she wanted to eat and drink. His quarters were a lap of luxury in the fortress full of torture chambers. The bed had silk sheets, wall to wall carpet, leather sofa, large screen T.V and it even had a fireplace for an intimate feel.

Despite his best effort the woman did not submit to him. She told Joey that she is a virgin and that she would have to be in love with the first person who she will give the privilege to allow him to nut inside her. Foolish woman doesn’t she know that the only thing saving her from being raped and tortured to death is the fact that for Joey it was love at first sight. It is what saved her from being another faceless victim. Joey must be an even bigger fool to think that the woman will keel over and give up the pussy because he didn’t allow her to be tortured to death. Even if she did give it up, would she have sincere feelings? She would have given it up to save her own skin. That is until Joey becomes tired of her then he will give her to the highest bidder to be raped and tortured to death.  If that would be the case; so much for love at first sight, maybe it was just lust maybe Joey should Filter it out.

Joey thought he had it all figured out. He will do things to make her fall in love with him. But, unfortunately the moves he made did not work she did not develop any feelings for him. She did not want to submit to him and give him what he wanted, even though Joey wanted more than just pussy. Even if it meant going to the torture chamber she did not want to give him anything. It’s too bad Joey didn’t study Speed Seduction or the Mystery Method. If he did he might have gotten somewhere with this stubborn delusional woman.  So on the advice of his main henchman he did the one thing that he did not want to do. He decided to take the pussy; it was out of desperation otherwise he would not have gotten anything from her. But he lost all around because that move also ensured that he would not get her love. It also got her angry and while he was in the process of taking her she fought back and overcame the attack. Now Joey paid for being impatient and following the bad advice from his main henchman who probably didn’t care how Joey felt. In the henchman’s mind, she is just another bitch.

The price Joey paid was with his life. The woman killed Joey. She stabbed him with the steak knife. But it wasn’t over for the woman. She could not escape the fortress and the henchmen decided to torture her to death. Not only would she be tortured they will penetrate her with some foreign object while inflicting the most gruesome of torture, inflicting physical, emotional and mental pain.



  1. Hello True George,

    TG Sucks’s comment reminds me of the only comments that were made on my blog this year from people who do not have accounts, in all those cases the commenters only had negative things to say and insults, none of them had any blogs / websites / social media linked so that you could not check out their work or contact them, and none of them replied (at least on my blog) to my responses (they only commented to attack and leave I guess with no interest in actual discussion).

    For years I have had my comment settings set to allow anyone to comment, even those without accounts, but the only few people who comment without accounts have almost completely either been spam bots or people like described instead of normal commentators who comment and sometimes reply back and who can be contacted back in some way.

    I want people to comment and share their opinions even if we disagree with each other but I do not like people commenting like that with no way to contact them back, and they do not reply back to your reply to have an actual discussion.

    Maybe it is time for us to consider adjusting our comment setting to only allow users to comment, but who knows; it would definitely reduce the spam and things like this.

    -John Jr

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  2. Hello TG Sucks,

    While I think that it is good that you shared your opinion, I do not think that it is good for you to insult people like this, it is possible to share your opinion without resorting to that.

    Have a nice day,
    -John Jr


      • Hello True George,

        Yeah, I forget with some words too because some words are combined and some are separate and some have hyphens and other things like that, and so I have to look at Wikipedia and/or an online dictionary and/or grammar message board to help me on things like that. 😀

        You might want to make it clear that this is a short story at the beginning of the post to avoid misunderstandings from some readers. 😉

        I wonder would this count as torture porn and if this was a book would a library categorize it in the romance category under Adult Fiction?

        -John Jr

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          • Definitely Adult Fiction, at my library they label almost everything that is fiction and that is at an adult reading level or just aimed at adults as Adult Fiction (other labels used are Adult Paperbacks, Large Print Fiction, et cetera), regardless of the content. 😀

            I actually remember that post, I thought that it was a real story and so did probably many other readers, I still recommend letting it be known if something is a story or dream or real in the beginning of a post if possible.

            -John Jr

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