In the Wild West calling somebody Yellow would likely get you killed or it was a means to get someone engaged in a showdown. A face to face duel to see who would  be first to draw their gun from its holster and kill the rival. This was a way to legally kill an opponent in an unwritten agreement that the loser will die. But the things that they would have a showdown over were trivial matters. Yet being called a Yellow belly coward would always guarantee a showdown. Dueling wasn’t restricted to the Wild West. In fact even before there was a Wild West dueling was the most popular way two “gentlemen” would settle their debts. Wither the debt was over women, money, or insult. The majority of duels were over insults than anything else. An insult was viewed as a blow to one’s honor and if a man doesn’t have honor then nothing else matters. Duels used to be fought with swords, and when guns came on the scene there was a choice between swords or guns.

The most famous duel in America was fought between Alexander Hamilton the founding father of America’s monetary system and Security of the Treasury and prominent statesman Aaron Burr who was the Vice President of the United States. It was all over some sort of remark that Hamilton made which Burr did not like and challenged Hamilton to a dual cutting Hamilton’s life short after he lost the duel.

In some places in the world if someone does not like the leader or head of state, they can merely challenge the leader to a duel. A personal combat and if the challenger wins, then he will become the leader. Good and simple way to get rid of an unpopular leader.

One may say that in today’s world many people would not be so quick to open their mouth and insult others if they knew that there would be a possibility of being challenged to a duel. The Yellow belly cowards will keep their mouth shut. All those comedians will be silenced. You’d think those rappers like 50 cent would not instigate verbal feuds to make a quick buck.

Maybe it the dreams of liberals would be answered if an undocumented Mexican migrant challenged President Donald Trump to a duel if he wins he would become the President. Otherwise may those Yellow belly cowards who love to be critics and verbally bash others stay under their rock where they belong.


  1. The “yellow” bellies are on their sofas and safe in their anonymity behind their pc screens. Even without a duel if people had to actually stand up and speak or even hand write something and mail it then there would be less gibber jabber. I’m all for free speech but……not without responsibility.

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