The New Jack

HAYNES IA, 011813

The Psych Ward was its normal self. A new patient was admitted. His name is Bill; he is well known to the Psychiatric system however it his first stay in this particular Psych Ward. Bill is familiar with some of the staff who had contact with him at other psych ward locations and according to Bill’s chart, he was born addicted to methadone and is blind in his right eye. During the height of the creak epidemic Bill was a drug addict. During his lifetime Bill amassed a total of twenty eight arrests; fifteen were convictions and out of the fifteen convictions six are felonies. Bill was admitted to this Psych Ward upon completion of a term of incarceration on Rikers Island; he was there for a couple of months.

Bill is heavily medicated and his speech is slurred because of it. Despite being heavily medicated he is still functioning on a higher level than most of the other patients in the Psych Ward. Bill is an active participant in group discussions and he likes to engage in conversations. Bill revealed many episodes of his life experience. He also revealed some staff member’s corrupted behavior and the abuse of the system by both staff and patients. Bill’s chart confirms aspects of what he revealed, documented evidence such as Bill being caught having inappropriate relationships with staff members. Bill’s chart also reveals no history of psychotic delusions. Hench, the experiences he described has some validity.

Bill also felt comfortable enough to discuss his affiliation with gangs. He was showing stuff such as gang codes and gang philosophic perspective. Who knows why he would do it knowing that gang information is not supposed to be shared with non-gang members. Perhaps Bill recognizes that the Psych Ward is a gang free environment and that whatever he reveals about gang activity won’t get back to the gang leadership. So he does not have to worry about the implications.


  1. Is this post not accessible to people who might know him? I’m not sure for what reason this is in the public domain … But I must commend the system to allow for sharing such info about a patient.

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