There is lots of propaganda posted in the social media, but whatever is written isn’t worth more than toilet paper.  With reports from unspecified sources and propaganda and lots of ignorance in the area where the propaganda is targeted you get people to become mindless sheep.  At least with toilet paper you get your money’s worth when you need to use it. Now y’all know that Trump has been in office for a grand total of three weeks.  In these three weeks a silly notion of impeachment is floating around. What? Opponents want to impeach the President because they don’t like an unpopular executive order (EO). How does that sound.  It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not. Three weeks on the job; I mean he hasn’t ordered Marines to round up a village in Afghanistan and kill everyone. Now that would be grounds for impeachment.

I guess it is coming from those who still Resist the notion that Trump was elected.

There was a discussion I just have to feature. A light discussion about this for and against this impeachment business;  it is based on an article in the propaganda publication Huffington Post:

The discussion between a Trump Opponent ( T.O) & Trump Supporter ( TS):

TO: Give your strongest!
And you know very well that experience and education counts today
He is operating as a Realtor, from an Independent Contractor state of mind

TS: even if he is it isn’t grounds for impeachment

TO:  EO_s will seal his faith❗️Running the Government requires Team Work! Not a Sole Proprietorship

TS: yes he will have to work with the other branches it is a given

TO: His approach at Governing is creating conflicts, this cannot go on indifferently
Impeachment. Is necessary

TO: He will not, he will do it his way EO. And that calls for impeachment.

TS: every President use executive orders; the difference is that Trump rolled up his sleeves and stated work from day 1; Bush jr was shut down by a Democratic control Congress and really didn’t do anything until after 9-11; Clinton didn’t go right to work from day 1 neither did Obama.
I don’t see any case for impeachment….

TO: So his abuse of EO is acceptable to you! Is every decision he make through EO. The problem I have with this reasoning, is that other actions are given to justify his incompetence as a Leader. This is not Leading! This is Dictatorship

TS: There is no abuse of authority his opposition didn’t like the decisions; the media hates him so the reports will be inflamed; he announced his intentions before he was elected.
Remember there have only been two successful impeachments. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton and both times the Senate acquitted the President. Nixon resigned before being impeached.
Johnson was impeached because he violated a law preventing the President from removing officials from office without approval from the Senate. Clinton was impeached for committing perjury. Nixon was going to be impeached because of the Watergate Scandal.
What has Trump done to warrant impeachment?

TO: Over due!
In addition, agan he should be working with the other branches which he had no intention of doing! Violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964❗ and of course his next EO will to abolish it! You know working in secret his MO

TS: whose civil rights are being violated?
The EO he has put out doesn’t require approval from Congress; He will work with the other branches and the judicial has not made any ruling that requires that Trump’s admin to do or not to do something.
The case for impeachment is very weak, people just doesn’t accept change easily the opposition is already pissed that their person did not win. But they will settle down soon….

TO: Discrimination of anyone due to their religion, origin is a violation. DT Muslim Ban. The people affected! What have they done⁉. Since 9/11 all terrorists attacks were home grown!. The San Bardano terror attack is being used as a justification for the Ban on Muslims! The San Bardano. Attact was gang related

TS: Muslims are not banned; the refugee program from those 9 Islamic countries were suspended to develop a process to better vet who they are letting in.
There are lots more Islamic based countries if Muslims were banned then wouldn’t it include all Islamic countries world wide and individuals. It is not the case……
Homegrown terrorist attacks done by the urging of foreign influence that is another matter.

TO: Targeting! Just the ones he targeted!
What are you talking about Muslims are not band? First of all, what is a Muslim? And the ban includes the suspension of refugee progrsm for 90days.
Where are you getting your alternative fact!

TO: “Homegrown” are not in transit from those countries. They are here such as the recent shooting, and that was one of your fellow VET. Innocent travelers are being banned, detained and deported! This is an overkill! It is serving no purpose except covering up the military action he is taking in Yemen with assistance of PUTIN He has cut a deal with Putin⁉️ notice he is doing things secretly! No accountability❗️

TS: Trump hasn’t ordered any military action yet…..
Refugees from those regions are not innocent just because the refugees don’t have any loyalty they do not have the right to be let in cause they are knocking on the door. Other Islamic countries won’t accept them so why should anyone else. If they want to be let in then it would have to be confirmed they are no threat. Even Obama suspended the refugee program for 90 days last year over the same concerns.
America has domestic enemies that want to overthrow gov’t it is an on going Policing. Nothing new since the inception of the founding of the US. There is no point here if domestic terrorist isn’t white supreme groups, its disgruntled Vets, black nationalists groups, private militias, militant Christian fundamentalists…..etc the federal gov’t is dealing with them one way or another.
So you see the gov’t need to vet each refugee less of a chance to let in international an terrorist….

Pick a side,  and when you pick make sure it’s the winning side.


  1. Hello True George,

    I agree with you about this impeachment talk, though in that discussion that person was possibly wrong about President Trump not ordering any military action yet, depending on when that comment was made because President Trump did sign off on a special forces raid in Yemen that was planned by the President Obama administration; and maybe there are some others that we have not heard about.

    -John Jr

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