I was riding in a car; then the car stopped at a building, it looked like my first school that I attended. Somerville Primary School. I entered the playground where the infant section of the school was located.

After I entered the building, I saw that the physical floor of the building was similar to what it was when I attended. The only exception was that the Teacher’s name in large letters were next to the classroom door where they taught. There were classic pictures that I remembered that used to be displayed on the wall. 

I didn’t recognize the names of the Teachers displayed next to the classroom door. Now that I am an adult who is at a certain age, I did not expect the names of the Teachers that I knew to be on the classroom doors. But I was curious to see if the youngest Teacher that was teaching when I attended Somerville was still around.

While I walked through the hallway to the junior section of the school; I did see the names of some Teachers that were there. The first name was that of two female Teachers, Ms. Ward, and her partner, Ms. Frances.

Back in the day, these two Teachers were not married, and they actually lived together in real life. They were always together, if you saw one, the other one wouldn’t be far behind. Now that I’m an adult, I got to understand that these two Teacher were lesbians. Only, back in those times, the pupils didn’t know, nor did it matter, especially since they were pretty popular Teachers.

I saw their names displayed on their classroom door along with a birth year and a death year. It is ironic, because at the point in time when I attended Somerville, they were up there in age. Too bad I can’t independently verify their date of birth or death in real life.

Then I saw another Teacher’s name. Ms. Walton. Who was also another popular Teacher. Her name was also displayed on her former classroom door, along with a birth date and death date. Incidentally, this Teacher was also up there in age at the point in time that I attended Somerville. She actually retired before I graduated onto secondary school.

I went on to Mr. Evans classroom. He was the youngest Teacher at Somerville at the point in time when I attended. He was also the school’s soccer, cricket, rounders, coach. He was a very popular Teacher, especially among the older boys.

He owned a small two seat sports car; he even allowed pupils to sit in it and check it out. But unfortunately, that car was stolen, and he never did replace it with a similar caliber car.  

Now that I’m an adult of a certain age; I think that today, Mr. Evans would be long retired. Perhaps he is still living, and if he is, he would be at least eighty years old, if not older.

Then I was walking to the Headmaster Mr. Lang’s office; but just before I got there, I saw Mr. Lang walking down the corridor towards me. Well, it was an older version of Mr. Lang, he also had a walking stick.

 I was wondering how come Mr. Lang is still alive; he was a middle-aged man at the point in time when I attended Somerville. Surely, he must have died of old age by now; and even if he is still alive, he must be at least a hundred years old.     

I was never on friendly terms with Mr. Lang; I used to be sent to him because of misbehaving. But in that dream, he greeted me, I guess when all is said and done, when one meets up with their former Teacher, it is like meeting a surrogate parent and that there is some type of respect.

I told him I came to look around, to see if any of the Teachers that I knew was still here; I see that they’ve all gone. Mr. Lang said that just because you don’t see them; it doesn’t mean that they are not here. He went on to say that there are other places in the school that I have not been that some of the Teachers that I knew were there.

I thought of the places that were off limits to the students. Like the Teacher’s lounge. I asked Mr. Lang, so does this mean that I am allowed to go into the Teacher’s lounge. Mr. Lang said, no!   

He said the Teacher’s lounge is still off limits to me; perhaps and that I Should look in other areas. I really don’t know why Mr. Lang would tell me that there are areas of the school that I have not looked, and that the one area where I know I would find a Teacher that I knew was off limits.

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