Incubus/Succubus & Sleep Paralysis

Last week I was engaged a series of discussions about the incubus/succubus. Experiences were described, and with every explanation from different people there were some common themes. The common themes such as feeling violated, feelings of being paralyzed, and feelings of a presence. Even in my own experience, I can at least have some empathy. There are metaphysical and scientific explanations, which one holds water would depend on what you have experienced. You may question is all this stuff a matter of belief? All I can say is if you have seen felt and experienced; is it a matter of belief or realty? Even if the reality is something that goes against what you were taught is possible. I have spoken about the incubus/succubus before ( however I will go into more depth this time to get an understanding and hopefully one can develop the mindset or repeal these types of intrusion from happening.

What is an incubus/succubus

I have a general description of what is an incubus/succubus ( I want to elaborate on that description. The word succubus means “to lie under.” According to medieval folk lore the succubus is a demon who takes the form of a woman in order to visit men and engage in sexual intercourse while they are asleep. The folk lore also expresses the succubus purpose is to steal the seed from man. The Islamic cultures mention the same type of demon qarinah or karina, and in other cultures from the middle east Lilith is the night demon who temps men at night and kills infants or newborns.

The counterpart to the succubus is the incubus, the word meaning “nightmare” in Latin. Folklore tells us that the incubus is a demon that will lie with unsuspecting women and eventually have intercourse with them. A variation of the incubus is the incubi who are thought to have the ability to impregnate. The offspring is called a cambion. It is said that the legendary Wizard Marlin of the King Arthur stories was the offspring of an incubi which accounted for his supernatural abilities. Other folklore tells us that when the succubus steals the man’s seed it turns into the incubus/incubi and takes the stolen seed and plants into a woman who produces the off spring as a result. Many cultures have similar description of both the succubus/incubus but call the entity different names. In contemporary times society is educated enough to recognize that the folklore and superstitious descriptions that was developed during the medieval times were efforts to explain away a natural phenomenon that occurs during the sleep cycle. Such as nightmares, sexual or wet Dream, sleep paralysis or night terrors.

  Hypnopompic & Hypnagogic stage of sleep

During the hypnopompic (waking up) or hypnagogic (falling asleep) stage of the sleep cycle a person’s body will be in a state of paralysis. The paralysis is present to ensure that the person do not act out in their dreams when they are asleep. However the hypnopompic and hypnagogic stage is when the person is in between being asleep and awake. It has been reported by many people that they feel that there is the presence of someone or something in the room. That feeling coupled with the inability to move because the body is in a state of paralysis causes a state of anxiety and feelings of fear as if the presence in the room is evil and is going to cause the person some type of harm. Also it is during this stage that a lot of people experience their interaction with an incubus/succubus. The scientific community has explained that anything felt, seen or heard are just hallucinations. I suppose what is felt, heard or seen has been relegated to being hallucinations because the phenomenon was also observed in “sleep laboratories” and being that no external presence of an alien or any other figures was observed and did not appear, it is recognized that what is experienced during the hypnopompic or hypnagogic stage is regarded as being a subjective hallucination. The scientific community will only recognize what is observed as long as the observation can be duplicated and no sleep lab has reported any appearance of an alien figure during the hypnopompic or hypnagogic stage.

Is it real

Science does not have the last word. There have been many reports from people having encounters with an incubus/succubus like entities while fully awake. Whether the person knows what type of spirit they are interacting with or are ignorant to these matters. Not all of the intrusions were attacks. Many people speak of giving their consent for the spirit/entity to have intercourse with them and to maintain a relationship. Who and why an incubus/succubus would target someone varies from sexual repressed people, people who are victims of human on human sexual abuse, lonely people, people who are addicted to sex, highly stressed or randomly picked. People who have experienced the intrusion have different descriptions, but whatever is said is not a real indication of what was going on in their lives. Maybe one day someone will collect data on and make an analysis to determine if contact with an incubus/succubus corresponds to the drama or lack of drama in their lives.



  1. Hello True George,

    If someone resists a succubus (as a dream character or possibly a real entity who has entered the dream world, it does not matter which) in a dream, what do you think is the usual response of the succubus, do you think that person will usually continue to be targeted or will that person usually be left alone from the experiences that you have read and heard about?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

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    • The succubus will leave if it cannot entice you.
      There is a possibility that a succubus may return. It may be the same one or a different one. The reason why they choose you varies. But usually they are exploiting a void. Believe it or not lots of people have intimacy and sexual issues. Some lack sexual contact and crave for it; while others have so much sexual contact it is unhealthy physically and mentally and there are those in between.
      I’ve heard some stories that people enjoy the sexual gratification while others resent it. The succubus does not ask consent they go and take what they want through seduction. I personally concluded that they are rapists.

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      • I guess it is usually not worth their time focusing too much on people who are more resistant.

        I definitely believe and agree with your assessment of many people having intimacy and sexual issues, and for some of us it is also the lack of sexual contact et cetera.

        Some definitely seem to be rapists in some people’s experiences that I have read and heard.

        Thank you for answering my question True George,
        -John Jr

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  2. I see, not a pleasant experience your Doctor should have known better as to what type of anesthesia to use.
    Are you depressed or have anxiety? There are many ways to relax but one needs to engage in relaxation activity to see which one works for them. What were the approach to therapy that the other Doctor’s practiced? Many factors to what you mentioned.

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  3. I wake up when surgeons don’t sedate me properly, feeling someone cut into your flesh is NO fun! Especially after you have told them you are fully awake. They can not sedate you anymore. It really is not a experience I would recommend unless you are wanting years of repeating nightmares!

    They now know I have to be fully sedated with general anesthesia to keep me asleep and immobile throughout surgery. I am hard to be put to sleep or relaxed. Valium, Xanex, and many others the doctors have tried have absolutely no affect on my consciousness!

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