Energy Vampires

Let’s face it, how someone accepts and understands the interaction between the forces of the seen (physical) and unseen (extra-physical) usually depends on what they were taught and their beliefs and life experiences; and despite their beliefs, and life experience, what are they prepared to accept or reject. As human beings there is a tendency to downplay or deny the relevance or even the existence of things that are beyond our control and understanding, such as death, disease, possession, luck and misfortune. Some things cannot be avoided while others are not easily controlled. Psychologically for the mentally stabled person it is a security measure that helps them from fretting and having anxiety over the uncontrollable aspects in their lives. Yet, spiritual most people would either have to experience a psychic or energetic attack or some other event or problems that are attributed to the dark side before they would believe that such things are possible. When the events of psychic, energetic attack, or something attributed to the dark side occurs then we would start to seek out information to understand the experience and look for answers to resolve our dilemma.

My Awareness Experience

  My awareness of these matters began when I felt a change in energy. For example having a good night sleep and in the morning upon waking up instead of feeling rested and refreshed, there was a feeling of being tired and drained, as though I never slept. The same feeling would occur after being in the presence of somebody who I interviewed to determine their eligibility for government benefits. After leaving them I would experience overwhelming feelings of exhaustion. The feelings of being drained were subtle at first, it happened once in a while, with no real pattern. Then gradually these types of feelings began to increase and became more frequent to the point where consciously I began to pay attention. Medically, I was as fit as a fiddle with no physical condition that would strain my energy levels leaving me exhausted.


The realization that my lack of energy problems was attributed to extra-physical influence came after George Bien (  conducted a hypnotherapy session to induce me into a relaxation state with the goal of helping me retain energy. However what actually happened during the hypnotherapy session was an inability to relax. There was some type of interference preventing me from relaxing. I was tense, and felt a coat of heat around my body. Then George uttered “perhaps you need to be purged.” Then George told me to take a couple of deep breaths, then he told me to hold my breath and said “on the count of three I want you to blow out all the air out of your lungs until you can’t blow out any more air.” I did as I was instructed to do and once I did it I spat out some thick mucus that I felt came from my chest. Then a couple of seconds later there was a rush of cool air that felt like a fan was held up in front of me reliving me of the coat of heat. Then I felt relaxed and energized. Afterwards there was some discussion as to what happened and the conclusion was that it was possible that I was a victim energy vampires. This led me to look to meta-physics to find a means of self-defense.

Now that you know my experience of being a victim of energy vampires, before we get into defense measures, let’s examine the type of energy vampires that could be the culprit of stealing one’s energy.

Shadow People

Shadow people are known to be energy vampires. For further details on shadow people read the article “Shadow People” (

Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound spirits represents the majority of manifestations of paranormal activity. This includes haunting and psychic attacks. Like the old saying “there is a thousand ways to die, choose one.” The death of a human being can happen in many ways, for most humans who physically die they will leave the earth’s plane and pass onto the next level of existence within weeks after the physical death. However before the transition happens, many deceased spirits tend to make an attempt to contact loved ones for their own reasons. This is how a lot of common paranormal activity occurs. Keep in mind that until the transition takes place the paranormal activity is temporary. However, the problem arises is when the deceased’s spirit refuses to go through the transition. The deceased’s spirit decides to remain earthbound and refuses to leave the earth’s plane finding ways to stay. As time goes on, the energy of the spirit that refuses to move on begins to deplete. Thus, the only way for the spirit to stay on the earth’s plane is to become an energy vampire feeding off the energy of the living.

a) Perverted & addicted Spirits: some of the lingering human spirits stay because of the cravings that plagued them during life. Cravings such as perversions (sexual & otherwise) and addictions. They go to occupy places such as bars, brothels, casinos, drug dens and learn to attach themselves to the living that frequent these places. They often choose the most valuable people and those susceptible to be abusers of substances, or any other type of addiction. The lingering spirits will sometimes drive the human hosts to indulge, absorbing the energy associated with the activity; and just like a parasite they move on to the next host after causing damage and if they cannot drain anything more quality energy.

b) Deranged ghosts: These types of spirit tend to be more troublesome. During the spirit’s lifetime they were already deranged by the time of their death. They led unhappy lives, often the mentally ill who were paranoid and delusional. It has been learned that these types of spirits do not even remember that they were once human; they become what their delusional mind think they are. Hench, the forms they create on the other side may even be that of a pseudo-demon. These types of spirits influence many irrational actions of their hosts and absorbing the energy of chaos.

Incubus and Succubus

This being can be described as a lower order demonic. However, the incubus/succubus is not evil and does not fit the description that is associated with the demonic entities. They are just predators. They prey on human beings and feed off their victim’s sexual energy. The incubus preys on females and succubus preys on males. The method that the incubus/succubus uses to force their victims to release sexual energy is through seduction inducing their victims into sexual pleasure. The victims are not assaulted. Thus, the victims become semi-willing participants. If the victims are sexual deprived or lack having regular sexual relations they become susceptible to forming a steady relationship with the incubus/succubus allowing the incubus/succubus to visit regularly by summoning it. If the person becomes sexual addicted to the incubus/succubus their vitality will gradually be drained off. The draining off of the vitality can lead to fatigue and illness and if it continues long term it can lead to death.

a) History: There have been accounts of incubus/succubus attacks going back thousands of years. People who practice astral projection have spoken about having a lover on the astral plane. Either meeting someone they know or meeting someone on the plane where they engage in sexual activities. I would go as far as saying that they may have encountered an incubus/succubus who have taken the form of someone they know or radiate feelings of being a kindred soul and seduced the person to becoming a willing participant for them to release their sexual energy.

b) Deception: Just recognize that in life just because victims of sexual molestation felt pleasure from the predator’s actions at some point; and just because many victims of rape reported having the strongest orgasm that they ever experienced in their life. What they experienced is nothing more than a physiological response from the body. The victim becomes confuse and the psychological damage occurs because of the physiological body responses that resulted in the strong orgasm and feelings of pleasure from an unwanted  advance from a predator. An advance from an incubus/succubus is the same way. Regardless of the method used, and feelings produced by being a semi-participant. It is an unwanted advance which is an attack, which I consider to be rape.

Energy Vampirism: Human on Human

Psychic attacks in its simplest form are done by a fellow living human being. This is done through intrusive emotional energies that are usual exerted by people with strong personalities. It is evident if you should have an argument or strong disagreement with a strong personality type person, or the person has some sort of authority over you whether it is formal or implied. With the exertion of the intrusive emotional energy symptoms which usually develops in the victim. It starts with a pressure in the solar plexus, followed by a mild sense of confusion, then it becomes difficult in organizing your thoughts, you begin to feel tired, there may be sweating, followed by headaches, chess pressure, difficult breathing, nausea and a disassociation from reality. In essence these are symptoms of stress or anxiety or panic. So when you hear someone say that someone else is stressing them out, then you now recognize that the person doing the stressing is exerting emotional energy draining their victim’s energy which can cause physical symptoms.

A)Unintentional Human to Human Vampirism:
Human to human psychic attacks can be unintentional. An unintentional attack occurs if one person is annoyed with another. That person’s ill thoughts against the other person will result in a psychic attack. Also, unintentional energy drainage can be caused by toxic relationships, needy people, people with bad attitudes, the mentally & physical ill people, anti-social people, people who are never pleased, dependent people, people who are addicted to something; anybody that is not in harmony with your way of life and attitude can suck the energy out of you. It is done even if the other person is unaware of what they are doing.

B) Intentional Human to Human Vampirism:
Human to human psychic attacks can also be intentional. Intentional attacks from human to human results if a person has an agenda to meet against another person, and they use the practice of black magic, witchcraft, or some other medium which can be used to facilitate a psychic attack on their target. Believe or not, there are people who engage in these types of activity.

C) Human to Human Vampirism aided by spirits
Human to human psychic attacks can be aided by spiritual attachments. If a spirit is attached to a human, then the spirit will aide in the psychic attack on another human. The spirit can also direct physic attack against another human. They can also be responsible to facilitate the physic attack.

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