The Storm


It is said that the weather could be changed by the collective emotions of the people in the area. Could that be the reason why there are super storms? Is the super storms the earth’s response to humans abusing the environment, or the government beaming powerful electromagnetic pulses into the earth’s magnetic field?  This is something to think about. I’ve plucked this dream from my journal. It took place months before Hurricane Katrina. It is amazing that the subconscious can perceive conditions and provide a setting for an individual experience.

I saw a violent storm, and it was heading inland towards a community. The community residents were not making preparations to evacuate. Instead they were making preparations to ride out the storm. They were boarding up their houses, and building protective barriers around their property. The government sent out the National Guard, and civil rescue units to asset them in any evacuating. The community rejected the rescue force who were attempting to carry out the evacuation operation.

The scene shifted to a family; it seemed that this was a large family living together in a large house. I could not see how many children were in the family; however, the children were all adults. There were three girls and their husbands, a pre-teenage boy, the Father, other figures were there but the relationship was not clear, there was a feeling that the other figures were also relatives. The family members were boarding up the house so that no water can get in.

One of the husbands, wanted to leave the area because he believed that the community would be destroyed by the storm. He was arguing and telling the other members that the idea to stay was crazy. The other family members would not listen to him, and they gave him material to help board up the house. He was doing his share of the work, at the same time he was complaining.

I saw a news report and it said that the storm is a killer storm and that the killer storm is on its way. The scene shifted to the rescue forces who were making successful rescues, it wasn’t anything major, but they had saved some people’s lives. Yet, the community made it clear that they were not going anywhere. Then there was a scene that showed that a helicopter was attempting to make a rescue, when it crashed into the arriving floodwater. A commander radioed back to the base and stated that “we are wasting our time here, these people do not want our help, even though we are putting our lives on the line.”

The scene shifted where the man who was going against the family was being told that he would be killed if he left. They tried to use force so that he would not leave, instead I saw that he had a fight with two other members of the family and he stabbed both and fled. The father put the bodies in the attic; the woman who was the man’s wife said that she would kill him if he returned. At that time, the rescue forces were withdrawn, and it seemed like the man had joined the rescue forces, and he left with them.

The storm arrived to the community. I did not see what happened to the community, but the house that the family was working on was riding out the storm. The members of the family were on the upper floors and were looking at the flood waters from above. I could see the floodwaters, the house was not 100% poof, but it was holding up. At one point, it seemed that the house was being moved around by the storm. The father said, “I told you that we were safe.”

The scene then shifted to the after math of the storm. It seemed that the events took place a few months down the line. I saw the man who fled the house returning to the community. He was greeted by some of the community members, he asked where was his family, and he was pointed to the direction where the family was. He came upon the father and the location of the house. The father was painting a new house, and he said that the house survived the storm, and that he had to build this new house because the other house got damaged. The damaged house was across the street. They had not moved into the new house yet; the paint job was the finishing touch on the new house. The father asked the man to come on in the damaged house. The man was going in the house; then he stopped! The man remembered that his life was threatened, and it was strange that the father was nice towards him. The man did not enter the house.

At that point, I did not see what happened because I woke up……

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this old dream.

    I would not be surprised if something like this really happened during and after Hurricane Katrina, those were the strongest winds that I have ever seen, and I saw trees bend in ways that I did not know were possible; and the horrible sound was like some kind of monster / paranormal / supernatural freight train-like noise / sound or something, it was scary, almost otherworldly.

    -John Jr

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      • Hello True George,

        I do not know about all of that, but it is below sea level and there has been human and natural causes of erosion and loss of some of the natural buffers to help protect from and reduce the impact of storms like that and the human-made barriers were lacking so it is not the safest or ideal place to be in situations like that; and so there is a higher risk of things like that happening again or worse if world sea levels rise too high and if continued loss of swamps and other buffers continue.

        -John Jr

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          • Hello True George,

            You would think so but alligators are not as common as most people think from what I have seen, they are also less likely to bother you from my experiences (they usually are pretty chill, you leave them alone and keep your distance, and they will usually do the same), and I would not be surprised if many of them died and were displaced from this because there were many dead and displaced fish that I saw so the ones that survived probably kept to their usual patterns and possibly ate the free meals scattered around instead of bothering living humans.

            There were destroyed beaches and properties and plant life and wildlife et cetera in various cities from what I saw.

            -John Jr

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    • Yes, I also heard that the collective thoughts can also change the earth’s rotation. We are connected to the earth if you ever go to places such as military reservations where the mood and emotions of soldiers training run high, you’ll notice that during the summers the reservation is hotter then the surrounding environment and during the winter it is colder…..
      On e can imagine millions of Muslims preying at the same time of day facing the same direction to the shrine in Mecca how much energy is being concentrated. Imaging tapping into it or if their thoughts are united they will have a great influence on the earth’s environment……

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