The Session


It’s a funny thing when someone who wants to speak with somebody but they do not have anyone to speak too. Some people have lots of friends, they go to parties, sporting events, watch the latest movies together, eat at their favorite restaurants and perhaps go on some trip together to support each other’s cause. Some people are in good standing with their family; they see, speak and interact with their family on a regular basis and not just at weddings and funerals. Yet there are still some things that they don’t want to say, or cannot say to their family member, or their friends. Hell what is the use of having all those people around and when there is some sort of psychological crises you cannot depend upon them to help you go through it. Forget friends, they tend to make a joke or laugh at things that they don’t understand. Family will just compare you with the family members that are the black sheep or lost their mind. Then they call up each other to tell everyone about your situation and before you know it you can’t have a conversation to any family member without them bringing up the problem. So now what does one do? Simple he turns to a stranger who is trained to listen to people speak. So now he dials 1-800-therapist.

It was like that for Gwen; for some reason, she had a psychological breakdown; it was something that she couldn’t or wouldn’t tell her friends or family she called 1-800-therapist and made an appointment. She saw Eddie. He did the intake and he scheduled her to see Jimmy. The day of the appointment Eddie called Jimmy and told him that he had made an appointment for Gwen to see him. Eddie’s remarks were, “you’ll find this one interesting.”   Jimmy asked, what is interesting about her. Eddie said, you’ll see…Eddie would not give further details.

So now when Jimmy gets to the office he finds that the room is still occupied by another therapist. That therapist is taking up Jimmy’s time slot. She is always doing this to all the therapists. She is always booking people at the last minute and does not give the therapist whose time slot she takes a heads up. All the other rooms are occupied. So now Jimmy has to get to the Conference room before some other joker grabs it. Good, he got it; now Jimmy waits for Gwen to arrive wondering why Eddie said what he said.

So now Gwen arrives; she is an exceptionally beautiful woman, she is well groomed and she is wearing a tank top shirt that show off her revealing cleavage, she has on a mini skirt that is so short that Jimmy is sure he would see the va-jay-jay after she sits down. Jimmy is mesmerized, Gwen is stunning. Jimmy said to himself what are the odds of him meeting a woman like that outside the therapist profession? A second thought came to Jimmy because he thought about his ethical commitment. It was a brief thought which carried a lot of weight, even in the face of his hard on. Which head will prevail the one with the brain or the one with the nut sack.

As those thoughts dwelled through Jimmy’s head at that moment of Gwen’s arrival; simultaneously when Gwen saw Jimmy, he was not what she expected. Jimmy a black man in his late 30’s with an athletic built and looks like he is in his mid-twenties rather than late 30’s. Perhaps she was expecting the therapist to be a woman; maybe a skinny gay white dude. Either way she was not expecting an athletically built black man who looks like someone who is most likely to pick her up and turn her into a whore charging for services or be his main squeeze allowing him to spend her money rather than someone providing psychotherapy. At the same token, the most under represented group in the therapy profession is the black male.

Usually if one does run into a black male therapist he is usually working for a non-profit community based organization, government agency or as a substance abuse counselor dealing with the bottom of the barrel people or the mentally ill. and making crumbs as compared to those in private practice charging a min of $160 for a 45-minute session.

Then it darned on her that maybe she should have dressed a little bit more conservative. She attempted to pull the length of her skirt down. It’s a short miniskirt ending on her upper thighs. Her thoughts were of all the people who could be a therapist I get a black man; how could we relate?  Jimmy could see the apprehension in her eyes. He could see her nonverbal language like making an attempt to pull down her miniskirt. Jimmy thought why do women wear those short revealing miniskirts and try to pull the length down when they perceive someone is looking at that ass knowing dam well the length cannot be adjusted. In any event it revealed that Gwen was not comfortable with Jimmy. However, she did not make an about face and leave. She came in and sat down. Whether she was being modest or polite or maybe she is giving Jimmy an opportunity to provide therapy, if nothing else crossed her mind after all this is costing her $160 for 45 minutes.

Now the problem is when Gwen sat down she it seems like she closed herself. Her legs were crossed at the ankles and her arms were folded. If she was giving Jimmy an opportunity it sure doesn’t seem like it. Perhaps she already had made her mind up to leave but is waiting for the opportunity to do that. It all depends on which direction that Jimmy will lead the discussion. Jimmy decides to follow the program. The ABC’s of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

Jimmy asked what brings you here; Gwen stated that her relationship is on the rocks. A vague response, not much to go on, Jimmy asked for some specifics to determine the A (activating situation). Gwen was not fourth coming; the rapport is not there she is guarded. Jimmy recognizes that Gwen may walk out if Gwen does not like the words that he uses. Jimmy has a card up his sleeve he is a student of Ross Jeffries and has learned the type of communication that women respond too. So now Jimmy switched up methods from REBT to Speed Seduction (SS); with thoughts that he has nothing to lose she is going to walk out any minute. Well if she doesn’t want Jimmy as a therapist then let’s see if she will want something else on the rebound.

Since she has a problem with love Jimmy decides to use the SS language patterns

Jimmy begins to talk about the difference between attraction and love. He uses the voice techniques, speaking in a low deep tone spacing out his words. Let’s see how she will react. Then to Jimmy’s surprise the unexpected happened. Gwen started to cry! When she started to cry she started to open up. She was no longer guarded; now she became an open book. She started to spill her guts and started telling Jimmy personal details about her life. Wow, this result was unexpected, but welcomed. Gwen told Jimmy the reason of her emotional breakdown. Yes, it was over a man who she thought was not her type when they met, but eventually developed into a romance. However, Gwen is a business woman and frequently goes to Europe, Australia, and multiple states. She owns her own business, and she thought the dude she was involved with was going to marry her. Instead of a proposal of marriage the dude proposed an ultimatum. Marry me and give up the travels or we’re done. I guess the latter won.

Well according to Gwen, the dude does not have a steady job and have self-esteem problems. Jimmy’s thoughts that popped in his head. “This stupid bitch also has self-esteem problems.” But Jimmy also wonders why is it that accomplished beautiful women who can choose an equally accomplished or better man give up their essence to men who are losers. Those losers have no regard how they feel, they spend the woman’s hard earned money, fuck up their credit, then they leave that ass for another woman…. Jimmy doesn’t have the answers. All he knows is that SS that was designed to get women to drop their draws saved the day……

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