Falling In Love Exposed: Translation


I have been asked by a couple of people that I know who have read my last daily prompt (https://truegeorge.com/2015/11/23/falling-in-love-exposed-in-jamaican-patios) if I could translate the Jamaican patios back to American Standard English. OK, so by popular demand I’ll make it happen. This may be controversial to some, honestly I should have picked a simpler topic to translate to Jamaican patios because even in standard English some people will need to think about this before they realize what is written is something to ponder.

There’s no such thing

Ok, one of the first lessons in seduction that you need to know is that you should take the attitude that there is no such thing as love, passion, attraction, chemistry and lust. These are states that human beings experience, however, these states of process take place inside the human mind, brain and body. What does that mean? It means that they can be summoned fourth and directed at, will. Well, that is a theoretical statement, so let’s look at an example of what every woman dreams of; falling in love.

The process

First of all understand that you do not fall in love with someone when you are there in their presence. You fall in love with someone when you’re off by yourself and thinking about the person afterwards. This is why it’s so hypnotically powerful because it is something that you are doing to yourself.

Here is how it happens; you go out with someone, perhaps on a date, then you go home, and while laying around you start thinking about the person, you form an image of them in your mind, as you do that you start to list all the qualities about them that you like. ” she’s so_________, she’s really_________,” maybe you picture you and them having lots of fun in all sorts of situations, then you get that warm funny feeling right in your solar plexus and then you put the nail in the coffin and say her name to yourself 2 to 3 times, you may dance around the house, and you may go around bringing up her name up in every conversation.

Using the process

Does that sound familiar? The point is, “love” is a process people do to themselves, it’s not a thing you trip over or a hole you fall into. As you read that description above you probably were thinking about the last time you fell in love with someone, and the feelings associated with it. Now if you felt that way by just reading that description, then if you know how to skillfully describe that or any other process to a woman in your presence, link it to yourself, and in a matter of minutes it will cause her to undergo that process and fall in love with you on the spot.
The dumb process you used on yourself can now be used to make any woman fawn all over you, repeatable and predictably.


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