Gaming The System

Two bureaucrats got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and will face the Federal and State government in court. They are likely to be given an all-expense paid stay in one of those wonderful temporary accommodations that have 24-7 security, three meals a day not to mention an open air common area and free gym membership, they will have lots of time to utilize the location library.

Front Line

These bureaucrats were what is called front line workers because they have direct access in dealing with the public, and is usually referred to as the face of government because the majority of people who have any dealings with a government agency will not have access to the ones who pull the strings, the creators of the rules and regulations or the decision makers that will either give someone access to thousands of dollars or cut off their only means of sustaining themselves in a rich man’s world.


During my time as a government bureaucrat I have seen and known many other bureaucrats that have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Sometimes it is the least likely person who you would expect to be engaged in such activates. However, the system is set up with checks and balances. This means that the bureaucrat who was caught do not scheme to raid the cookie jar alone. There are others who collude in the grand scheme of things. However there are those who are unwittingly manipulated into signing off on things that they do not know is part of the scam. The investigation and paper trail will determine which is which.


In the bureaucratic world the higher the title, the more and more tax dollars is at the bureaucrat’s fingers. So you can imagine if the lower levels have access to misappropriate tens of thousands of dollars, and depending how long the corruption took place it can multiply and add up to millions. Imagine how much tax dollars a corrupt high level management bureaucrat can misappropriate. Also, it is harder to catch the higher levels and when they do get caught it is not publicized as much as they will publicize the front line workers who after all are the face of government.


Just as True_George told you about upper management and how much more money they have access to misappropriate, well another corruption scandal has just materialized and it is anticipated that it is so wide spread that the Mayor’s administration is directly responsible for the conditions that fostered corruption. Then again, maybe the current Mayor was just careless and made things look obvious to the others outside the bureaucratic world that some mojo decide to bring in the F.B.I. and other investigators. Sorry De Blasio, don’t even bother to run for reelection, if all road lead to your office you done fucked up one to many, this makes the tyrant bastard Giuliani look like a saint.


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