Falling In Love Exposed In Jamaican Patios

Non-Regional Diction

Where I grew up there was a variety of languages spoken. The languages were far removed from the Queen’s Standard English. On my block alone people spoke Indian, Punjabi, Arabic, Jamaican patios and patios from other Caribbean Islands. All were united under the English language. But come to think about it those with immigrant parents intertwined the Standard English with the native language they learned from their parents. It was a normal thing to hear a child of an immigrant naturally switch from one language to another during a conversation. Anyway, the language that I intertwined with Standard English while growing up was the Jamaican patios.

For this prompt I decided to write something that is a lesson in one of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction course. It is written entirely in Jamaican patios. I took the liberty of providing a short tutorial about Jamaican patios so that you can at least know what it sounds like.

Now that you have an idea what Jamaican patios is and what it sound like. Without further due I present “Falling in love” in Jamaican patios:

Di first lesson inna seduction dat yuh need fi kno dat yuh should tek di attitude dat tere no such ting as love, passion, attraction, chemistry, lust. wi as humans experience dem yah states; dem processes dat tek place inside di human mind an body wich a tel yuh dem cya be summoned an directed at will.

dat a theoretical suh mi a guh give yuh an example wah every oman dream of; falling inna love.
First understand yuh nuh fall inna love wid sum’ady wen yuh inna dem presence. Yuh fall inna love wid sum’ady wen yuh off by yuhself thinking bout dem lata dis a wy it suh hypnotc cuz yuh a du it to yuhself

Ow it gwuan: yuh guh wid sum’ady pon a date den yuh guh a yuh yaad an yuh start tinking bout dem. Yuh form an image of dem inna yuh mind; yuh start to list aal di qualities bout dem dat yuh like

yuh picture yuh an dem aving lots of fun inna aal sorts of situations den yuh get dat warm funny feeling deh inna yuh solar plexus. An den yuh put di nail inna di coffin

an sey har name to yuhself 2 to 3 times; yuh dance round di house an yuh bring har name up inna every conversation.
Di point \”love\” a process people duh to demselves it nuh a ting yuh trip ova or a hole yuh fall inna.

wen yuh read dat deh description yuh deh tinking bout di laas time yuh fall inna love wid sum’ad

an di feelings associated wid it now eff yuh feel dat way by just reading dat description,  den eff yuh kno ow to skillfully describe dat or any otha process to a oman inna yuh presence

link it to yuhself an inna matta of minutes it wi cause har to undergo dat process an fall inna love wid yuh pon di spot

di dumb process yuh use pon yuhself cya now be use to mek har fawn all ova yuh repeatable an predictably.

Did you understand what you read? I’ll translate it all one day.



  1. Hello True George,

    I just saw something on YouTube that reminded me of this post, there is a YouTube channel called 4YallEntertainment that used to sometimes make Jamaican skits, I have only seen some of those videos so far but today I saw that they have a playlist with all of their Jamaican skit videos on their channel:

    Anyway, I just thought that I would share it because I thought of your post when I saw that today. 😀

    -John Jr

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  2. Hello True George,

    You were fortunate to grow up around people speaking/using other languages and to be able use one yourself, some of us were not so fortunate.

    That video make me laugh, thank you for sharing this. 😀

    -John Jr

    Liked by 1 person

      • You are welcome True George.

        I would like to recommend adding the Search widget to your blog so that people can search for posts on your blog by keywords which can make it easier for people to search for specific posts, enabling the drop-down option on your Archives widget to save space because it will continue to take up more space every month if you do not, adding the Category widget with the drop-down option enabled to save space, adding the Recents Posts and Recent Comments widgets, and maybe adding the RSS Links widget for those who want to follow your blog using RSS feeds and the Google Translate widget for those who need to translate your blog to another language to read it.

        Thank you,
        -John Jr

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