911 Circus at Ground Zero

I have added some pictures that was taken by the commander at the site on the first two days…..


Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended.

George W Bush

The two questions that Americans ask today are, “Where were you when JFK got shot?” and “Where were you when the towers fell?” Well that latter question came up last week when the fourteenth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) right here in the financial section of New York City (N.Y.C) took place. This was the event that propelled the U.S into wars on two fronts. In as much as a prolong war in far off lands violate the principles laid out in San Tzu’s “Art of War.” Plus Hitler also made the mistake of fighting a war on two fronts. We all know what happened in the end. Is America truly winning? Anyway, there were many things that took place at the site that was dubbed “ground…

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