This dream kind of peaked my interest at the point of time when it took place. I thought it would be a predictor of the future. I can’t associate any event or ideas floating around in my everyday life to give me an insight to at least understand how is it that my subconscious would construct this dream? Perhaps a news report or something I saw on a documentary about South Africa.

I had dreamed that I was watching the news on T.V; I was sitting in an armchair and my brother was sitting in another armchair on the right. The news flash on T.V had just announced that the South African leader Nelson Mandela had just died. There was no immediate reaction. Then I felt a rush of sorrow, and grief, and physically I began to cry, my brother was also crying while the news was reviewing Mandela’s life.

The scene then shifted to the events leading up to his death. He died in his sleep after he had a press conference. The press conference was to announce that a spiritual guide from his tribe had said that his life span was supposed to have ended some time ago, and that it was extended. Now that he had lived out his purpose, death was looking for him. The spiritual guide came to this conclusion after Mandela described a meeting between himself and a man. The spiritual guide asked what the man sounded like, and to describe the man. The description was not revealed in my dream, but the tribal spiritual guide suggested that the man that Mandela was talking to was death in human form and that he will die at any time. Believing what the spiritual guide said Mandela started to feel weak, and looked like he was drained of energy. Someone was escorting him. He surely believed he was going to die, so he held the press conference and announced what was told to him, and that he will die. The next morning he was dead.

The dream went on to reveal some conspiracy talk that Mandela was lead to believe that he was going to die. Mandela’s belief that he was going to die was so strong that he actual died. The blame lead to the ex-police chief and the ex- chief of the South African spy agency. I saw an interview with one of them; it was the ex- Police chief. He said it was about time that Nelson Mandela was out of the picture. Now that the Black majority is running the country everything is going to pieces.  He was smoking marijuana, and I could see a river in the background. There was a herd of elephants in the river. The ex-Police chief had a white bathroom robe, it look as though he was about to go for a swim in the river.  Then I saw myself traveling to South Africa to Zulu land.  I was being made an honorary member of the Zulu tribe; I saw that I was surrounded by some Zulu warriors, and being inducted into the tribe.

The scene then shifted to an investigation of who supplied the ex-Police chief with the marijuana. It turned out that the ex- Police chief was so high that he gave up the name of the person who supplied him with the marijuana. The background turned into a farm and the voice of chief said that he does not care if the suppler knew it was him who gave up the information that eventually lead to the supplier’s arrest….. This was around the time I woke up.

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