This was one of those moments where a spontaneous astral projection was very lucid. An experiment was done to see if the action taking in the astral body form would affect the physical environment. Also feeling of events that might have taken place was perceived….

I had put on the attitude activator tape after a while I saw that I had left the body, I came to the dressing table, I wanted to see if the action that I took while outside the body would show up in the real world. I threw everything that was on the left side of the dressing table on the floor, and I said to myself that I would see if the things are on the floor in the morning. I left the room and I went into the hallway. When I reached the door, I saw that the door looked different and the door had more locks on it.  When I opened the door, there was some sort of crime being committed in the building’s hallway; I quickly closed the door because I got the perception that a murder was being committed. I did not want the killers to come into the apartment; when I was closing the door the door it did not fit into the space, and the locks changed and became wooden barricades. It took a while but I finally closed the door, however there were spaces along the edges because the door no longer fit in the doorway space. Shortly afterwards I came out of the state and back in body. ..

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  1. Hello True George,

    After the experience were any of the changes that you made still there, and had a real crime taken place?

    Also I think that it is interesting how the door and locks changed like that.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    • The changes did not show up in real life…I did not actually see a crime being committed it was the perception that I had based on feelings. There was a presence engaged in activity that instinct perceived a murder is taken place….But I truly believe a murder did take place in the building at one time; I received similar energy readings during other experiences. As the journal progresses it will be revealed.

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