Trance Formation


With all the hoopla concerning the sex scandals in Hollywood, music industry, Bill Crosby, big name politicians. Women have been coming out the wood work with claims that rich and powerful men have engaged in un- consensual  sexual relations or were sexual assaulted. What has been reported in the news today is nothing new and was brought to the forefront and exposed years ago by Cathy O’Brien. She not only exposed the sexual misconduct by individuals but that there is an organized sex slave ring that is not only sanctioned by the rich and powerful, it is also sanctioned by an arm of government.  Back when Cathy O’Brien exposed what was going on it sounded farfetched and with the exception of those who have had a similar experience or were in the type of environment that Cathy described; most of the mainstream world did not believe her. Now the ugly head is worming itself out the woodwork. What True_George is exposing and bringing awareness to you may be graphic and may challenge your beliefs; so if you are in doubt about your beliefs or at the borderline of questioning what you were taught and by whom you were warned; but I would still like to hear what you think…

Born in Michigan Cathy O’Brien had the misfortune of being born into a family that has a habit of sexual abusing their children for generations. Like Cathy, her father was sexual abused as a child and so was her mother on her side of the family. When Cathy was born it was her turn to experience the family tradition and be sexual abused. Cathy said that her father would often remark that when she was in the crib as a baby he substituted her mother’s nipple with his penis. The sexual abuse that Cathy endured was so horrific that she developed a condition called disassociate identity disorder which used to be called multiple personality disorder. It is a defense mechanism that the mind developed as a result of her experiencing trauma early in her childhood. Cathy also developed a photographic memory which was also part of the mind’s defense mechanism. Because of the condition of developing disassociation and photographic memory unscrupulous people in the U.S government decided that they could use people with those attributes to carry out espionage, covert black operations, mercenary activity, sex slavery, assassination operations…etc. Those unscrupulous gov’t people recognized that children that were involved in child pornography experienced horrific sexual abuse that they must have developed disassociate identities. Hench the gov’t started to sanction a child pornography ring to identify and recruit children who have developed disassociate identities disorder.

Cathy’s involvement in the project came when her father was caught sending child pornography through the U.S mail. Her father was then approached by the gov’t agents and was given an ultimatum. He was told that if he sold Cathy into the program he would receive immunity from kiddie porn prosecution. Once Cathy’s father sold her into the program he received immunity from prosecution because of “reasons of national security.” Now that Cathy was in the program she was routinely taken to Mackinac Island to political retreats where the state’s powerful political figures have a club similar to the Bohemian Clove. Among the activities in the club were discussions on subjects such as mind control on the masses, mind control in the school system, how to use occultism as a base to inflict trauma. In addition Cathy and other children were passed around and used by the politicians.

Cathy identified the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as one of her abusers.  Trudeau was in the Jesuits order of the Catholic Church. They are also the Vatican’s intelligence arm; however Trudeau represented a criminal fraction within the Jesuits that believe in mind control of the masses because they want the Catholic Church to be the only religion in the new world order. Some of the money that is brought into the church is being used to fund new world order activity.  Cathy attended church and was confirmed into the Catholic Church. After the communion mass there was a second ritual. It was a blood ritual that involves the reverse mass; Cathy described it has a very horrific ritual and it plunged her deeper within the depths of mind control. Cathy was abused by various senators until eventually she became the property of the West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd. As her owner Byrd decided what places Cathy should go to undergo mind control programing. In essence Senator Byrd directed all of her activities…..

Cathy has documented her experiences being programed in the MK-Ultra used as a sex slave to political figures like Bill & Hillary Clinton and others. Exposé of the CIA control of the Country Music industry, how she was used as a sex slave, disclosing well known politicians behaving unethical, mind control, Manchurian Candidate, flooding U.S streets with drugs and many more from Cathy who was an insider  in the book TRANS FORMATION OF AMERICA MKULTRA  





  1. I’ve heard about child sex trafficking and slavery taking place within the government, hollywood, and other high standing outfits. I had not read anything though to this extent or depth. Interesting and horrid. You say this person was the property of WV’s state senator. I only just recently found out in WV it is only a misdemeanor to SELL your child to someone for whatever purpose. Someone recently tried to change this law to be a felony and it was voted down.

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