Sweet Smell of The Lady

vailed woman

It was one of those days where I was completely relaxed. I felt kind of lazy to get up to turn off the light. It was one of those things where you are in between states allowing you to reflect on things and even make a mental plan of your activities for the near future. As this piece of mind moment was taking place I detected a presence in the room. The presence appeared at the foot of my bed. However there was something familiar about this presence. It felt like a family member, as though a sibling was in the room with me. Then there was a strange smell in the air. Gradually the smell became stronger; it was the fragrance of a sweet smelling perfume. The perfume fragrance filled the air, I didn’t think anything of it, and I usually don’t when these strange occurrences take place. Perhaps the protective mind kicks into gear. One of the reasons that I discover that some experiences was paranormal after the fact instead of in the moment as it is happening. After all when these paranormal experiences occur it feels and appears like it’s a natural part of everyday life. Now, after the sweet smelling perfume fragrance filled the air I heard someone walk into the room. Then I saw the figure of a woman.

She came and looked at the entity at the foot of the bed as though she came to check up on it. Then she came over to me. When she did I felt an overwhelming feeling of love; the kind of love that you feel when your mother is taking care of you. She came and looked at me; while looking at me she moved the sheet from my chest to my chin, like a mother tucking in their child. After she did that she paused looked at me again then she turned and walked out.

Before she turned and walked out I had taken a good look at her. The appearance was like a silhouette. However, she was not a shadowy figure, unlike the one I observed during one of my experiences at West Point (https://truegeorge.com/2015/12/20/the-uninvited/). The figure was a grayish color and it was more matter. The dress that she was wearing resembled a formal gown. The gown at her shoulders, were small white looking diamond shaped holes running along the collar bone as if there was diamond stones embedded on the dress. Like something that you would see on a wedding dress, or formal evening gown. I looked at the face; it seems she was wearing a transparent Vail from the top of the lips, to the end of the chin. The face from the forehead down looked like a smooth carved wooden, you can see the grain. I had in my mind to reach out and touch her face, but was too dumbfounded to do it.

After she turned and walked out of the room the perfume fragranced lingered on for a few minutes before it gradually dissipated. By this time the presence that was at the foot of the bed was also gone.  When she left, I thought that she was going to turn off the light but that didn’t happen.

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  1. An amazing happening. It triggered two memories in me, even though my first thought was that I’d never seen a ghost. Now torn between leaving the Reader and writing down my own experiences and reading on to other blogs. Such an interesting prompt.


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