The Uninvited


What about unexpected guests who intrude at will or should I say the uninvited. Just like the time I was in my room in the housing unit that was assigned to my unit during our mission at the West Point Military Academy ( I was standing next to my locker when I heard the door knob rattle. I thought it was my roomie Sgt. Blue coming back into the room, I heard the door open and slammed closed. Strange, the door did not physically open, yet I heard it. Then I saw a figure it was a shadow a silhouette of a stocky man, the difference is that the shadow had the density of a physical person. The shadow being acted as though it was taking off equipment and clothes, but what startled me is the shadow being looked in my direction and looked straight at me. There we were, standing face to face about 15 meters apart looking at each other. No gesture or words; for about two or three minutes we looked at each other. Then he turned and went to the bathroom opened the bath room door, again I only heard the sound of the door as it sounds when it is opened then closed, but physically the door did not move except for the rattling of the door knob. After that I heard the shower and splashing of water like shadow being was washing himself, this went on for a couple of minutes. Then the shower was turned off. As soon as the shower was turned off, I slowly made my way to the bathroom and slowly opened the door. I pushed the bathroom door wide open; I saw that there was no evidence that the shower was used. There was no hot water steam, and the shower stall was dry. In addition the shadow figure was nowhere to be found.
Unexpected Guests Guest


  1. Perhaps, I’m still evaluation this experience. You may be correct that there was a personal connection between me and the shadow. If it was a former tenant of the room he was not angry now that I was the new tenant. West Point itself is full of spiritual activity.


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