Sad Affair

Had this strange dream I don’t know how or why this type of dream should be manufactured by the subconscious. It was indeed a sad saga.

It was about some type of official who decided to immigrate to America from an unidentified country. The features of the characters were Asian.

There were some problems that officials were reluctant to grant the family permanent residence. The father was involved in some political scandal because he was an official in the unidentified political regimen.

Finally, the father decided to sacrifice himself to allow his family to be granted status. I saw that the father was in handcuffs while the rest of the family members were allowed to go.

The dream had a time line and the father was held in a detention center for years, during those years the children grew up and the wife even had more children from at least two other men. The father was in despair and resigned himself that he is never going to get out.

But one day he took sick, lost a lot of weight and immigration officials decided to set him free; but by that time his family was lost to him….   

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was a sad dream, did you feel some of the emotions of the dream during the dream?

    My wild guess is that this was just one of those dreams where your mind is exploring certain situations / emotions in a safe space (the dream world).

    -John Jr


  2. Very sad dream. I’ve had a couple of really weird nights dreaming about having relationships with men. The first was a man I really don’t like and the second was unknown to me but he was a total sleaze and just on the make with no real interest in me (sounds like most of the guys I ever met and had relationships with!)

    What I really don’t understand is why on earth I had those dreams 2 nights running when I haven’t thought about men in ‘that way’ for at least 12 years now?! Even more annoying was that, I woke up partway through and then went back to sleep and continued on from where I’d left off. There are some dreams where I’d love to do that but these weren’t them!

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    • A good question; I don’t have any answers. I may look further into this phenomenon.
      But dreaming about relationships now that is another concept. Are you happy with your present relationship?
      I also find that dreams can be influenced by intruders. If the dream contains erotic behavior then perhaps an incubus wanted to induce generation of sexual energy so that it can steal it…


    • Hello Mountaincoward,

      It is nice to see people discussing dreams, so in those two dreams your feelings toward both men were negative during the dream, and were the dreams basically montages of your relationship with them or was a specific aspect of a relationship like sex or a date et cetera explored?

      -John Jr

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