Building Collapse

It continues to amaze me how some dreams are vivid, that you believe what it is taking place is in real time. I guess the majority of people cannot distinguish whether they are in a dream state or not. Yet, there are some people who have a measure of awareness that they are dreaming. If you’ve been checking out True_George’s dream journal, then you have a good idea of True_George’s measure of awareness.

Well, this one started out while I was laying down when I heard some type of commotion outside in the hallway.  I could hear cries of help; I went to the door and looked in the peephole, I saw that one of  my building neighbor’s relative was destroying the walls in the hallway.

I’m not sure what object he had in his hands, but it was putting holes in the wall. I opened the door and said, “what the hell is going on?” The neighbor said that her son is having a psychotic crisis.

I said “well we better restrain him because he is destroying the building.” I went to physically subdue the boy, but the neighbor started to fight me. She didn’t want her son to get hurt.  

I said, “what the fuck are you doing? You better step the fuck back, you can’t even pay for the damage that your son is causing.”

Another neighbor said “call the Police.” The Police was called, but before they arrived, the building buckled and was starting to fall apart.

I called the Landlord, and told him what is happening, then I ran into my apartment to grab the cat and to get out the building before it collapsed.

The cat was nowhere to be found. The firemen were saying to leave the building before it comes down. But I refused to leave the cat to die in the building.

I finally found the cat, I grabbed it, and ran out of the building just before it collapsed. I took the cat and locked him in my car, I gave the Police the report and the description of the mentally disturbed individual that brought down the building so that they can be on the look out for him.

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