As I was lying in bed I was thinking of what I read on the former web site www.manifisation.Com, it stated that in Nuero Linguistic Programing (NLP) one can find their timeline. When they do they will be able to see all the personal events that took place during their lifetime. It was suggested that you can go back as far as the time when you were born. It was also suggested that one can identify recurring patterns in their lifetime, so that they can prevent it from recurring in the future. Another suggestion was that some people had reported that after they went back beyond their birth, they had reported that their timeline was intersected by their parent’s timeline. Other people had reported that they saw experiences that took place in another timeline. It was also suggested that one can also go forward to see their destiny. I was thinking that this is a prelude to seeing the future. However before one can go forward into the future, the theory had to be proven valid by going back to see events that had already taken place in one’s own lifetime.

My thoughts on this were how I could find my timeline and possibility of seeing the future day by day?  I felt that if I could see the future, then I will have some type of control over my decisions and to change an outcome or influence certain events. So I laid there in bed with all this in mind.  I closed my eyes and a picture of something that resembled a stage curtain came up. Each crease on the curtain represented dates and the larger intersecting crease representing the months, the size was endless. When I looked at each crease the number would light up, just like when you place a mouse pointer on a path to a web page link. I located a large crease with the number three for March and the smaller creases had the day numbered. I located seven. I knew that it was the current date and year because the next larger crease did not have any number on it. My thoughts were that if I put my mind to it I would be able to access some memories of events that took place in my lifetime. However I did not want to go too far.  I only wanted to see the events that took place yesterday.

I remembered that my friend, hypnotist George Bien ( mentioned in his NLP video that one could access their memory to recall things by putting their eyes in the correct access cue ( so I placed my eyes to the access cue of visual remembrance because I wanted to see an event that took place in the past. At this point the only thing I saw was my desk at work.Everything that I saw was in the first person (associated) point of view.

The event I saw was that I arrived back to work after a leave of absent. I was answering the phone someone named Ms. Guzman was on the phone; she could not speak English so she had someone on the phone to speak on her behalf; and she said that Ms. Guzman wanted to have an appointment with me for Monday. Being that I just returned, I did not feel like making an appointment with anybody;  I did not feel like looking for my schedule to see if I was available, instead I told the woman to tell Ms. Guzman that I just got back and I don’t know what my schedule is like for next week.  I told her to tell Ms. Guzman to call me on Monday and I would tell her what day to come in. Then the woman said good she will come in on Monday, I said in a stern voice  “do not come in Monday I will not be available,” the woman said that she does not understand a word what I’m saying, so I told her to put Ms. Guzman on the phone. When Ms. Guzman came onto the phone I asked her (in Spanish), why didn’t you speak to me yourself, you know that I speak your language, I told her to call me back on Monday and I will let her know when to come in; she agreed.

I wrote a check on the check form (I frequently write checks as a gov’t bureaucrat) I went to get a superior’s signature. The supervisor turned out to be J. B a member of my National Guard unit. There were two women sitting on each side of the desk, one of the women was his wife, the other woman was a Mexican, after signing the document, he said look this is a Mexican women, I then said that “I love Mexican women,” (the dialogue is in Spanish at this point), I also said that the Mexican men are a bunch of ass holes. The women replied “It’s the truth the Mexican men love to have anal sex with the woman.” it seemed she thought that I said that the Mexican men like to have anal sex, then I said to the woman that she should forget about the Mexican men, they are stupid, and that she should come to me because I like to have natural sex.  I then looked at the document that the supervisor signed, and I said that it looks like you signed your wife’s name on the second document instead of your name.

The name on the document was Rosemary, the first document was ok, the second document did not even have my signature on neither, the space where my name was supposed to go was blank. J.B’s wife said “I don’t believe it let me take a look,” I said it’s ok I will do another document, the supervisor said it’s ok you don’t have to do it I will do it for you; and he then gave it to his wife to complete. Since he was taking care of that situation, I went back to my desk. I did not have a normal chair it was a recline chair, and I was laying down in the recliner. I saw a co-worker of mine in his chair; he had the same chair that I had and it was next to mine. The co- worker is Mr. E; he was also lying in his chair at his desk. Then I saw the Assistant Director, Mr. J he came over to me, he said “so you want to see your timeline”(the dialogue is in English at this point), however the voice that came out of Mr. J’s mouth was that of my hypnotist friend George Bien.

He said it can be done through hypnosis. He called over another man and told him that this person is the expert and he will put you under hypnosis so that you can see your timeline. The man was thin with a mustache, he had on a black, jacket, he also spoke in George Bien’s voice. He said that I will listen to everything he says, “at the count of ten I will be in a trance” I said wait, I do not want to be hypnotized here (at the office), I want it to happen when I am at home , he said “ok” ”he started counting down from ten, he said that for three hours I will be in a hypnotic state when I am in bed, I figured I will be getting at least three and a half hour sleep.” After that, everything went black. I was awake just lying in bed with my eye closed; then I had same sort of feeling that I had when George Bien put me under hypnosis. I could hear my breathing; I felt that I was in a deeper trance then what I had been when George put me under.

All of a sudden I felt that I am being dragged from the bed, from the bottom from the feet, I felt that I was being dragged from bed yet I still feel myself lying in bed, I still hear myself breathing, I did not feel the sheet, yet I knew it was still there, the next thing I saw was a woman. She first looked like my mother.  I thought that I might have went back too far, and that my time line was intersecting with my mother’s timeline; then the face changed, the woman resembled my grandmother as I remembered her (she had died way before this dream), I recognized the surroundings, it was her house in Jamaica, West Indies. She was laughing. Then I saw a stage (at this point everything appears in the third person (disassociated)), I heard music playing, and there was a party-taking place. It was a meringue selection that was played at one of the parties that was given at the office. I see my coworkers and other people dancing.

The stage resembled the stage I had seen in three places, 1) The school’s lower campus, where I attended when I was 11 and 12 years old 2)  the school’s upper school campus. Sometimes we would go to the upper school campus to do some activity 3) the church’s St Oswald’s little hall. e Sunday school hall, where I had attended Sunday school from the age of 5-11). Each of those stages in those places was similar, and they all had a piano in the left hand corner.

I saw the piano in it’s place on the stage’s left corner; someone was playing the piano, the sound coming from the piano was meringue music. Everybody was moving from one side of the stage to the other, back and forth, back and forth, I heard church bells; the same church bells that used to ring at 6:00am and 9:00 am from a church in the neighborhood where I live. I wanted to dance with my co-worker C J; I said “come on let’s dance,” she did not want to dance, I saw myself dressed in a blue suit, with a striped tie. The kind of tie I wear with uniform on my weekend job as a security guard. I don’t have that type of  tie in my closet. I had a glass of wine, I held it up with my right arm, while in bed I felt my right arm rise; but physically it was still under the sheet. I said to myself “where did all the fun go” Then I saw an empty hall.

Now the scene appeared like the hall at upper school’s campus. I then saw a man in white overalls appear before my eyes, he had a hood over his head, the first thing that came to my mind is that this man is either a ghost, or a sprit demon;  at that point of  time I felt the need to defend myself. I threw a drop kick at the figure; as I was throwing the drop kick the point of view changed to back to  the first person (associated), Now I’m a participant in the dream. Now after the drop kick was thrown I felt that I was making a mistake.  I saw that the man was a cleaning man with a broom in his hand sweeping the floor.

I was on the floor laying on my back as he was walking by I was grabbing at his legs and  saying, “Wait, I want to talk to you,” yet every time I would reach for his legs he would step one step forward, out of my reach. We went through the swinging doors, (I am standing up now) at the corner of my eye I see a figure resembling Abraham Lincoln, he then disappeared, I then see a picture of C J ( or I believed the photo resembled her, it could have been somebody else), it was a series of pictures, the first picture was not very good or clear, however the writing at the bottom of the picture said “C J as she appeared when it was presumed that she perished in the fire.” The writing appears to be a newspaper article. The picture moved up and up to what she appeared like the last time I saw her; then snap; just like some blinds being snapped up the whole scene disappeared except for the scene went downwards, instead of upwards, I even heard the sound that one would hear when blinds are snapped up. The next few minutes, I saw nothing but darkness; I decided to open my eyes because I felt that that the experience had ended. I looked at the clock, it said 3:30am however that particular clock is kept one hour ahead of the correct time, so the actual time was 2:30.

One of my interpretations of the experience: the unidentified man with George Bien’s voice said that I will be in the state of hypnosis for three hours, I believe the whole experience started when it was three o’ clock by the clock in my room, and lasted for half an hour. I want to point out that the clock in my room is kept one hour ahead of the proper time. The experience ended, and I am recording the experience before three o’ clock according to the proper time.

This experience stands out because it had a powerful impact on me, I call it an experience because it was not what I felt in any dream I ever had, after pondering, I am convinced that I had been visited by at least five entities, and that those entities are the ones that are responsible for the unexplained things that has happened to me during my lifetime, most of those un-explainable events happened to protect me in some manner.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I am amazed that you were able to remember all of that, well done.

    During the times in real life when you have been hypnotized, was the session or these sessions recorded where you could watch the session later and / or supervised by someone else besides just the hypnotist (like a friend, family member, et cetera)?

    I did not know that you knew some Spanish, wow, about how many languages besides English do you know and about what level are you in each language (beginner, basic, intermediate, advanced, fluent, et cetera)?

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    • My memory is pretty good when it comes to remembering things that interests me. Also remembering details in dreams depends on the time of day when I record the experience. I record it immediately after it happened. For example let’s say if I recorded it after work,many of the details would have faded out of memory as the day goes on. Also for all the dreams that I recorded there were more that I did not manage to record for some reason or another.
      I used to hang out with some well known people in the hypnosis community. We used practice 3 times a week at someone’s apartment. The group was called the somnambulistic sleep walkers. The founder eventually opened the NYC hypnosis center. The Soul clearer used to do a form of hypnotherapy called spirit release therapy.
      I’ve been speaking Spanish for the past 15 years I also learned to read and write it. An Italian told me that Italian and Spanish are the same. I would only have to put an “O” at the end of the word so I suppose I could speak Italian too. I took French for 2 years when I was in grade school the only thing I can do in fluently in French is count…..

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      • Hello True George,

        Yes, when a dream is recorded is usually important.

        That is interesting, but I would be worried about being put under hypnosis without having someone else there that I trust to make sure that no one tries anything which is why I asked; in your experience you mentioned the voice of George Bien being used several times, and it made me wonder if this experience could have been the result of one of your real hypnosis sessions.

        Congratulations, I wished that I was beyond the beginner level in at least one other language, Spanish and Italian are pretty similar and knowing one will usually help you learn the other much faster from what I hear; and they are both usually considered easier to learn and are more regular than a language like French which if often irregular like English and harder to learn than Spanish or Italian.

        I had what I call Fake Spanish back when I was in school, we only had a few short classes a few times and we almost never used the books or had any learning materials and we did not have to use the language, and so we did not learn much at all; and it was really just a class that was only there because it was required, and so they did the least that they could with subjects like that so it was just there to check off a box that we did the class pretty much unfortunately.

        To make things worse not many people in my city could speak another language, and the few who did would not teach it to you or use it around other people usually and the languages and most of the cultures of my ancestors were lost so I never learned any other languages in those ways.

        During my adult life so far I have made a few attempts to try to learn a language alone, but I always quit early one.

        Did you learn Spanish in a less formal way?

        -John Jr


        • There are many preconceptions when it comes to hypnosis remember free will is the deciding factor. Even when hypnotized if you truly don’t want to do something because it is against your morals, ethics or just don’t want to do it then you will reject the suggestions.
          I think the subconscious made me hear a familiar voice it picked George Bien’s voice perhaps because of the altered states. I believe if it wasn’t his voice it would been some one else
          As far as speaking Spanish is concerned I have formal and informal training . Inasmuch that the college teaches language it does not teaches conversation. I took a course at Berlitz school of language. They teach conversation. There are no books it’s all talking…..

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          • Hello True George,

            I have heard that about hypnosis and I am not saying that is not true but I still prefer to be extra cautious with things like that, I see it more like inception, someone might not be able to make you do something with hypnosis or inception but they can possibly strongly influence you to want to think or do or feel et cetera something.

            Yeah, my other thought was that your brain / mind probably picked his voice because it was familiar from the hypnosis sessions, and maybe your mind used his voice and method to possibly help you perform hypnosis on yourself during this.

            The Berlitz school of languages, at first I got it mixed up with Assimil (, you were fortunate to have access to a language school and language classes and informal methods; I do not think that we have access to anything like that in person where I live or even the city I went to college in years ago so learning a language in person in my area is/was/continues to be even harder.

            Have you considered doing short non-English posts here on your blog to help keep up and improve your language school, reach a larger audience, and show off your skills?

            -John Jr

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            • Yes people are more suspect to influence under hypnosis but on the other hand if you are a generally guarded person then you’ll be more on guarded. But everyone is suggestible to a certain degree. Check out this post
              It explains the concept of hypnosis and a bit of how our mind works.

              Yeah, I think that a familiar voice would be more effective then an unfamiliar voice…..

              A combination of formal and informal and practical methods. Adults learn differently then children. So I took some semesters of Spanish at a college. They taught written and reading Spanish as well as greetings and other basic stuff. How to congregate verbs but not how to converse. Berlitz specialize in conversation using informal methods of using no books, or written instruction. It was just talking and having conversations. The classes did not cost much. Then I practiced speaking to Spanish speaking people. My co-workers and clients and friends. Latinos like it when you are learning to speak their language and they will help you.

              Here in NYC if you want to learn something new there is a school. There are formal schools colleges private and state and city. There are informal private institutions. Opportunity is here if you are willing to pay the price.

              There is no need to write a post in another language WP has a translator widget it converts the post to other languages within minutes….

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              • Hello True George,

                Yes, I will try to read that post.

                If I knew another language, especially if I learned it as an adult, I would definitely use it on my blog sometimes even though I use the Google Translate widget on my blog.

                I would want to practice using it and keep it fresh in my mind to where I think and daydream and can dream in the language(s), connect directly with others who know the language without translation tools that are still inaccurate, and I would want to show that I can use more than one language because as an adult that can take a lot of time and effort and if you put in all that work and time and finally reach your goal I can understand people want to show it; also when you are surrounded by English without much if any variety, switching it up can be nice, but everyone is different.

                -John Jr

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                  • 👍 You are welcome True George.

                    I wonder if a free web service / app like Duolingo (, which allows you to learn and practice a language (it is not super in-depth, but it can allow people to learn and practice some words and phrases each day), in shorts amounts of time for free, would also be helpful for someone like you?

                    -John Jr

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                    • When I was in Iraq one of the contractors (incidentally he is a New Yorker) was giving Arabic classes twice a week (he had time on his hands) I learned some basic Arabic and was learning how to write it. I wish I could learn more. Sure I can take instruction at an Islamic Center. But the trouble with that is they may expect me to covert to Islam which I don’t want to do…..

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                    • Impressive, yeah, people trying to convert you in situations like that is why I avoid the few activities available at places of worship in my city; it would be nice if more neutral locations were available instead.

                      -John Jr

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                    • If you ever do decide to try Duolingo one day, please do let me know, I would be curious to hear your opinion of that free service / app; and that would also be my chance to set up a challenge, and a daily challenge to do at least one lesson a day to keep a daily streak going.

                      -John Jr

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  2. That’s true good idea ! I’ll put it on my bucket list. I’m making a garden ATM so all my finances going into that but you are so right , after garden finished that will be next on to do !

    Thank you for inspiring me . You’re a great person

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  3. I personally , would agree on accessing more because we just have to unlock it . The DNA has in fact all the codes and stories of universe but is submerged and not conscious to us . Dreams sometimes pull out different layers and I once had a recurring dream of thousand times or hundreds at least till one day on google I came across the place i dreamt of on google then the dream never returned and I felt at peace.

    Upon looking at the place on google I felt at peace and at home and it made me feel emotionally connected to it and heart was beating crazily . It fitted my dream perfectly and upon researching the history of the place I found out the dream memories were similar to what it would have been in past .

    I am glad you are exploring more and open minded to delving deep within you as no higher knowledge than self knowledge . We know others as we know ourselves and when our reality disappears , all disappears to us as if the universe didn’t exist .

    I like reading your journey of yourself and it’s very interesting. Once I was reading dreams people had of stones or black stones and what was interesting was the synchronicity of people’s dream scapes often matched .

    Thanks for your interesting and open perspectives . It’s super interesting and open minded which is true intellignce .

    ” curiouser and curiouser ” Alice in wonderland

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    • Thanks it was a journey which led to different roads. An eye opener with lots of unanswered questions.
      Did you ever visit the locations that you found on google? I’ve heard that we need to go to places we’ve been before to tie up loose ends…

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      • Really ?

        No I never have but I want to go . In the dream I buried a secret book there . Would be interesting to see if it’s where I dreamt it is but it’s overseas . I want to go in next couple years but ATM have other priorities here .

        I do wonder if as you say , the connection would tie up loose ends in this place . The finding of the book would also prove reincarnation . Only I can know where it is . I have never disclosed exact location to anyone but I know this place as if was back of my hand which is impossible had I never v there , you would think ?

        I’m very curious about the place and what is in book and if it’s there .

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