Sometimes our dreams are not dreams at all. What is experienced could be a projection. It all varies. A projection doesn’t have to be on the astral plane. It can be at places where we choose to go. That is if you are aware that you are projecting. But when we lay down to get some rest projection is the furthest thing on our minds; after all we just want to get some sleep. So when we do project it is a spontaneous one. What triggers a spontaneous projection that is the subject of study ( Keep in mind that when we lie down to sleep it is because the physical body needs the rest. Yet our mental and energetic bodies do not need rest and it continues to operate even when we are unconscious. This means we can project out thoughts or will anywhere. I guess that would be a discussion for another time.

I was taken a nap after I was reading some instruction on hypnotic writing. I was lying on my stomach when I got the feeling that I am being dragged, out of the bed. The exception was that I felt that someone or thing was trying to position me to lie on my back. It was as if there were two entities, one on the left and one on the right. I would be turned to the right, from my stomach to my side. But the entity could not turn me back on to my stomach. Then a force from the left tried to do the same thing in the opposite direction. This went on for a few minutes and it stopped. I then felt as though I was out of my body. I was in my room, and then I decided that I should explore my apartment. I left my room and went into the hallway. I saw the cat; I noticed that the cat could see me in my out of body phase; the cat started to run away, I chased the cat up and down the hallway, then I decided to go back in the body. As I went back I decided to leave the room door open to see if the door would be open after I wake up, then I woke up. It turned out that the door was still closed. So I wonder if the experience was real, or imagined. I wish the cat could talk, she would have told me what she saw.

As far as making contact with the entities, I mean if there were actual entities or it was just my perception. I guess I would have to sleep on my back, so that I could be taken to where I am supposed to be at that moment.

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  1. I have been watching a lot of astral projection stories on YouTube lately, and it seems fairly common that people feel like their feet (or perhaps sometimes their hands) are being tugged on to pull them out of their physical bodies. My interest seems to have stirred after having a dream (?) in which I felt myself sit up in bed but then noticed my body was still lying down. The same has happened in dreams in which I can feel my arm or foot or whatever move but then realize my body didn’t actually move.

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