Beating Sarge


 At 10:30pm I decided to get some rest before 12:00 I am scheduled to be guard’s relief. Instead of sleeping I decided to replenish myself through self-hypnosis/meditative rest instead of regular sleep.  I did the Basic Movement of Energy (BME) exercise. While preparing myself to move the energy, I found that that the body was not relaxing as it should be; the heart was beating at a rapid pace, so I had done a series of breathing exercise so that the body could slow itself down in order for me to go into the trance state that is necessary to perform the BME. As the body began to respond to the breathing exercises, it started to relax to the point that I began to see visual images. The color was so vivid that it looked like a new colored photograph. This was the beginning of the first of three projections that I had between 10:30pm and 11:30pm, one right after the other.

The first experience started out seeing an image of a location, I felt myself being dragged out from the feet. Unfortunately, I do not remember the experience, it was brief and I was lucid about it even after the other two other experiences happened however when I got up the memory of this experience just faded very fast…

  The second experience happened maybe after an intermission of about five minutes, after that I repeated the steps to prepare myself for the BME; I began to see one of the main roads on of the post West Point. The road that I saw was Thayer Road, it is the road that leads from Thayer Gate the main entrance to the post. It is named after General Thayer who was West Point’s longest serving Superintendent. It is the main road leading towards the center of West Point. It runs parallel to the Hudson River, it is an incline road, and it is downhill leading towards the center of West Point. Since I had a full color image of this road, I decided to use it to deepen my state since the movement was going downhill. As I was seeing the image of the road as though I was traveling along it the weather season made a sudden change from summer to winter, the road was then covered in snow. At that point I felt myself being pulled from the body.

 was on the road driving a vehicle, the road turned into a wooded area, at that time I found out that I was performing a mission. It seemed that there was an accident and that I was sent out to make contact as a prelude to a rescue. At a certain point, I could not travel in the vehicle anymore; I had to go on foot. I crossed a stream and as I stepped into the water, I said to myself that it is a good thing that I have my newly issued water boots, yet the water felt so cold,  I did not feel the water penetrate the boots, but I felt the water’s cold temperature.  I reached the area where the accident occurred. Two trucks collided; the trucks were operated by, and were transporting Cadets. I had a radio, and I sent a message that I reached the Cadets. The Cadets were attempting to operate the damaged trucks; they did not know that I was there until I alerted the driver of one of the trucks. I told them who I was, and what unit I belonged to. Then a group of regular army soldiers who were also sent on the mission arrived. It seemed that they were sent because the Command did not think that anybody belonging to the National Guard would make it. The NCO in charge had an attitude. We had an argument; I hit him and grabbed him by the throat, and said that I would kill him. His fellow soldiers told him to calm down……

The third experience happened after a brief intermission, after preparing to do the BME, I saw an image of a house. I do not know the location or who was the owner of the house. I felt myself being dragged out of the body. I was taken out from the head, and I was flying through the air in the horizontal position; after that I had reached the house whose image I saw. As I approached the house, I was put the right side up; I entered the house in the vertical position. There were two people in the house it was a male and female. Then I was taken outside the house to next door. It was a restaurant. I collected some wine and some wine glasses. I was taken back into the house. Inside the house I had cleared the table and put the wine on the table, and put the wine glasses into the hand of the male and female….

The problem here at West Point is that there is difficulty in having projections for some reason. It takes a longer time to relax the body, and the movement of energy at times is arrested. At this time I would have to come up with some techniques to resolve this problem…

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    • Lots of restless souls and paranormal activity at West Point..One night I went running, when my glasses fogged up I saw the image of a white horse directly in front of me and the horse went on it’s hind legs as if it was startled by the sight of my presence……just an example

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