Since I was in the room alone I took the opportunity to do some self-hypnosis/meditation. I used the basic induction that I recorded; it was around 1:00 am; when the recording played, and I was getting the sensation of the body relaxing, someone who I’m sharing the room with came in; this interruption ended my meditation session. The induction was still in its beginning stages. I was dismayed that there was nobody here all day and as soon as I started doing the self-hypnosis/meditation somebody walks in. Don’t you just hate stuff like that?

He didn’t even stay that long.  After he had left, I rather than starting another session I decided to just go to sleep. When I was entering the sleep cycle I saw a television playing.  In the empty bed on my right side I’m not sure which type of program was on. Then  I detected the presence of three children. They were the ones watching the television. Then there was a presence of a fourth person. This presence was that of a male. The male presence started to kill the children; I heard one of the children choke as though he was being strangled. The male started to look for the mother, the presence of the mother was not felt, however I got a feeling that the male had also killed the mother. I received a suggestion that my target was the mother. I should interact with the mother. I felt that I was outside of the body, putting out the energy to attract the mother of the children. She appeared after a while. When she appeared she was with the three children.  Then the children left; I did not see the where the children went; the mother then appeared alone. She was a beautiful woman. She started to interact with me, and then she wanted to have sex. Just when the intercourse was about to take place, the roommate came in the room making noise and on top of that he turned the lights on. This interruption woke me up and upon waking I found that the body had felt the sensation of the fore play that took place in the dream.

I do not know what to make of this experience; I was a little disappointed that I could not finish the self-hypnosis. The murder of the children had felt that it had happened before, and that the event was repeating itself, likewise the murder of the mother. Why it appeared to me is something that I do not know. The second entrance of the roommate was like it was supposed to take place

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  1. Hello True George,

    This sounds like something that could have been on American Horror Story: Murder House or American Horror Story: Hotel.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


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