While waiting for my girlfriend D.J to arrive I decided to do a self-hypnosis/meditation exercise since I have not done it in my apartment for a couple of days.

I did not use an induction; the method that I used was how I learned it originally. First I done the deep breathing exercise and after that I used the counted down from seventy-five to one. At the same time I had used an imaginary spot above my head that caused the eyes to strain a bit and be in a position to access the penal gland. I had noted that the time was 6:00 pm. It did not take long before I recognized the signs that I was going into the trance phase.

While going into the trance phase, I had seen an image of someone whom I recognized. I cannot recall who that person was, the image did not stay long enough for me to get a positive identification, then the image changed; I had a feeling that the person was Mr. L the headmaster of the school I had attended many years ago. I had even called out to him to get his attention.  There was no reaction and the image was still present; it only looked like a shadow. Then suddenly I saw someone whom I had not seen before appear in front of me; then there were a group of people, maybe about five people appeared.  I was talking to the individual that was in front of the group. I do not remember the nature of the conversation or what was said. However I felt the need to energetically defend myself  since more than one person was present.

 I decided to use the most powerful method that is known to me. This is the excursion of energy. When I done that the two- persons in front of the group turned into tigers and attacked. Each one had one of my arms in their mouth. The others had been scattered by the disbursement of energy put out in self defensive. The tigers could not get an effective grip on my arms, because the disbursement of self-defensive energy weakened them. However it took three more bursts of energy before they were vanquished. When they were vanquished the only thing left behind was the tiger’s skin. After that I had an idea to circulate the energy to create a defense shield.

 When the energy circulated it reached three people from the group that I disbursed earlier.   They were in a stairwell, and they directed me upstairs. When I went upstairs I went to what resembled a window and the on the window’s curtain there was a whole group of what could be described as moths. I momentarily stopped the circulation of energy; when I done that the moths started to fly towards my direction. Before any could land on me I started up the circulation of energy again. The energy repealed then and they went back on the window curtain. Then I heard a voice say that I must circulate the energy to keep him or her at bay. I was told to go back to the location where my physical body was located and that when I do go back I will be followed.

When I started to walk away to go back to my location where the physical body was, the entire moth (the things on the window) colony started to follow me. When I reached back to location where the physical body is, there were other extra physical beings present. The moth population attacked whoever was there and vanquished them. Then I went to another location, and removed a cover that was over a hole in the wall. The moths went into the hole. Then I heard the voice tell me that the moths will be in that location and I could go and get them anytime I needed them. At that point I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes, and got up out the chair, I saw the latch on the door was unhooked, and there were some cloths that were stuffed in the crack under the door. I found this strange, because I did not stuff anything under the door.

I thought that there was a physical presence that was associated with the experience that had just passed. I had found this interesting. I opened the door and went into the hallway. When I closed the door, I saw that there was a displacement. The door did not cover the doorway, there was physical evidence of a force that moved the door and left it deformed around the edges. I thought that maybe the energy that was used was powerful enough to deform the door. I also thought that the landlord would be upset, how could I explain why the door looked like it did.

Then as I walked towards the front of the apartment, I saw that the bathroom door was in the same condition, also the door to the room where I keep my paperwork was in the same condition. Then when I went into that room, I saw that there were papers and debris all other the place, as if there was a fire, at that point I realized that a disbursement of bio-energy could not have caused it. I also realized that I had access another dimension or plane and that I was still in state. When that realization came over me it was when I had eventually came out of the state and physically opened my eyes.

I do not know why I thought that the shadowy image of the person whom I had recognized was Mr. L. If it were why would he make contact with me?

The fact that I  thought that I had come out of the hypnotic state, or out of body state, and I was still in that state had occurred before. It was the state of the environment that made me recognized that I was still in the state.

Each time the environment is an exact duplication of the real world. Except for there were slight variations, such as the location of a room, or the shape of a door. In this experience, it was as though I was transformed to a time to the aftermath of a traumatic event. It was as though the building was abandoned and was in the state it has been. Or was this some future event that may happen? After thinking about it, the state of the apartment resembled the down town area after the WTC collapsed. The debris and the papers were the same color, I cannot recall if there were dust. Looking at the area at nighttime, the buildings are gray and so when I was in the area after the collapse, everything appeared black and white. In this experience it appeared the same way, except there was an absence of smell, there might have been sound, I did not hear anything unusual.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I am impressed by your use of energy as a defensive shield and as an area of effect attack, I imagine that takes some good energy control to do that, and so well done; with that kind of energy control I imagine that you could probably be able to do various energy based techniques used in various animes.

    Moths are probably super rare in my dreams, if I have even ever had one in a dream before, and so that is interesting how they made an appearance and it is even more interesting how they acted and what they were able to do.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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