It was around 6:15am when one of my roommates went out to have breakfast; the other roommate usual comes in around 6:45. So I took this opportunity to practice the self-hypnosis meditation using the basic induction that I recorded in my own voice. The following experience had happened:

First I saw an image that looked to me like an ancient stone stairway; it was rocky and the view just kept on going upwards. The image changed to hill or mountaintop. Then there was an Arial view. As I heard the deepening part of the recording I felt myself rise out from the body; I pushed upwards and was completely separated from the physical body. While astral projected I saw my physical body in the bed; and above my physical body’s head I saw a chair with an extra physical woman with long black hair sitting in it. Since I’ve had the experience of the presence of intruders, I thought this extra physical being was also intruding, so I aggressively approached her and asked her “who are you?” I wanted to know her name, however she did not respond to me and did not receive give me an answer. My response was to grab her like I would have in the physical and started to beat her up; then the urge to have sex with her came over me, so I raped her. After that took place I had felt drawn back inside the physical body; at that time there was a physical reaction to the event that took placed with the extra physical woman. I the physical body climaxed in orgasm. The session did not go further, because shortly after that the other roommate came in the room making a whole lot of noise, cursing because the Chinese woman at the laundry mixed up his summer and winter uniform.  At first I had attempted to tune him out, but he took it among his self to hit my leg telling me to get up. I found that what he did was very rude and I wanted to get up to cuss him out. But I guess being in a relaxed state I was mellowed out and my cooler head prevailed; I just ignored what he did, once an asshole, always an asshole.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That is messed up, but I respect your courage for sharing this publicly.

    I find it interesting how our reactions to sexual urges were different when we compare your reaction here to my reaction in a dream that I had recently called Fighting And Healing People.

    -John Jr

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    • its was violent act a resentment to be intruded on; but another thought the extra physical being may have induced the sexual urge. There are reports of people having projections and ended up having sex with extra physical beings or they do it to intentionally have sex with extra physical beings…..

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