In my opinion one of the most restless hot spots of spiritual activity is on military installations. This is because all types of highly charged emotions have left their imprint in the environment. Training can be a highly emotional event as any Recruit can attest that Basic Combat Training as brought out their potential. During times of major conflict such as the World Wars, and more recently Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom the preparation for war; the embarking to the war; and returning of units from war is also highly emotional charged. It is a wonder that when I’m on a military installation I notice that during the winter the installation is colder and more windy then surrounding areas; and during the summer it is hotter than the surrounding areas.

This leads me to an experiment that I decided to do one day when I was at Fort Dix. Now that I reflect on the event I think I was reckless…

I had decided to skip breakfast because this would give me time to practice my self-hypnosis meditation.  I made a recording of a basic relaxation script from Robert Shield’s hypnosis course in my voice a couple of day prior. It was 6:00am when I started to play the induction. After following the recorded instructions I found that the body went into a relax state allowing the astral body (projected self) to leave the physical body. The astral body left in the upright position. The head was the first part of the body to separate from the physical body. Ironically the head is the anchor and the last to separate from the physical.

Once I was separated I found that I was in front of one of the wall lockers. I had lifted myself away from the wall locker to see how the extra physical world looked like at Fort Dix. Keep in mind that there are variations and distortions from the physical world.  I went downstairs and out to the front of the building. There was a crowd of extra physical beings waiting for something. I received an idea or insight that they were waiting for some sort of transport to take them to a school. Sounds like a bunch of Soldiers waiting to be taken to a training site.  Then I ran into an individual extra physical being; the being resembles an old woman, she had a walking stick. I cannot quite recall the full type of interaction we had; but I clearly recall that she started an attempt to entice me sexual. She turned around and showed me her rear end and pulled down her pants. I was not amused by this behavior. I had moved on. I wanted to fly to other areas on post (Ft. Dix); but I found it hard to fly, like I was being hindered.  Then another individual physical being approached; this one was a deformed looking woman. She held onto my arm, and she would not let go. I could not shake her loose, so I decided to exert some energy on her for her to move on. After I had excreted the energy her appearance changed she was no longer deformed and she let go and moved on. Then she came back with four other extra physical beings. It seemed that these other beings wanted some of my energy that I  passed onto the deformed woman. I don’t know if I would have given them some of my energy; but I did not have the chance to make a decision. I just felt that they just wanted to come and take what they wanted without any regard because of the aggressiveness of their actions. When they came close to me the I used my energy as a defense shield.  I only disburse enough so they would not follow me. I could sense that others in the crowd wanted to do the same action as the other four. My thoughts were it is time to go and I retreated back to my room. At this point the first being (the deformed woman) was still attempting to attach herself to me. While I entered back in the room I felt that two beings were also in the room; perhaps they followed me there. They attempted to trick me. They made it seem that they had taken off the ear phones from my physical body. I almost fell for the trick, except for that I could still hear my own voice on the recording.

An action that took place while I was still in state, feels so real I think it has happened in the real world. This has happened before; I will have to find a way to separate my recognition of both worlds.

As far as the extra physical beings that wanted the energy, and the one that was attempting to attach itself to me, I consider this an example of intrusion. There must be a way where one could defend them from such negative force. At this point in my understanding, I could have just met the extra physical beings that were imposing themselves on me, draining energy. The crowd could have represented the extra physical beings that were attracted to the other members of the Battery. With each have potential to attach them to a different intra- physical being (normal physical person).

On this day we had our Nuclear Biology Chemical (NBC) intrusion. The weather was cold, and the classroom was even colder. We did not have the correct dress for this type of weather. After the day was over, I found that I could not retain enough body heat to keep warm. I lost appetite, and was dehydrated.  I did find a way to stay warm during the day. I wore my chemical suite under my uniform. I found it unusual that I should have these symptoms, especially the non-retention of body heat, which I experienced for the first time in ten years.  Last month I had flu symptoms. I now conclude that the illness was caused by the intrusion of those extra physical beings. I will now explore a way to halt the robbing of my energy.

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