Greeting Children

meeting kids

It was around 2:00 am when I performed the energy exercises; I did not immediately relax afterwards. I had got up to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom and went back and laid down I found that no astral projection did not take place. Perhaps is was wishful thinking on my part to expect it when it was obvious that it wouldn’t happen because I was not relaxed enough after returning from the bathroom. However I did have a normal dream. I do not remember it in its entirety. The little that I did retain is as follows:

I was with an Army unit and we were sent to a post. One of the soldiers that I was in the unit met up with some of his children who were on the post; he did not know that the children were there until he arrived with the unit. Then I saw that the unit boarded an aircraft. I was looking for a seat, but all the seats were taken. It took a while before I had found a vacant seat that was located in the front area of the plane. The plane’s destination was Washington D.C. Instead of flying, the aircraft took the highway. While on the way the plane stopped at a Fort. We were supposed to be there overnight. Again one of the soldiers that I was with ran into his children. Also I was supposed to take the formation to an undisclosed location on the Fort; I knew the way because I had been there before. Yet the road that we had to take to the destination looked unfamiliar. Then I saw a field that resembled one of the fields at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I saw the path cutting through the field on the way to the training area. I said to someone look there is the route out to the field. After seeing the formation marching on its destination through the field everything else became clouded and I  cannot recall anything more about this dream….

Maybe this dream was a message, because the events that happened during the past three weeks turned out to be different then what was planned.

For example I was with my unit and we had to stay at Fort Dix. The stay was supposed to be for ten days; instead it turned out that we had to stay there for an additional six weeks.

To me the unfamiliar route was maybe the constant change in plans. However there was a hope that  the destination remains the same, not altered……

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