Projecting In Camp


This took place during the time when a detachment of my National Guard unit was on state active duty waiting for the Federal orders to come down to begin our official Federal active duty status. …

I decided to try an experiment; I wanted to see if I could do a self-hypnosis exercise inside in my bunk while there was activity-taking place around me. The first thing I done was the breathing exercise, and using the spot method, I had picked a spot above me enough to put a little strain on the eyes and to stimulate the Pineal gland. While I was counting down I was seeing certain things that were consistent with me going into the state. I also had the heightened sensitivity of hearing and feelings. I could hear other people’s conversations, and when Sgt W. Came over to talk to Sgt. MacKay (KIA: Afghanistan) who had the bunk next to mine, he made a negative remark. He said “all he knows is to eat and sleep,” I felt the negative energy, which almost prompted me to discontinue what I was doing to tell him off. Instead I decided not to entertain him, and I said to myself, he has no idea of the process that is taking place.

The process that is consistent with me when I had other astral projections was seeing a pulsating black circle; and in between the pulses there was a variation of white. Going into state is gradual process. Then the subjective experience started.

 I saw the bunk, and then I saw that sheets or towels were hanging down  separating me from the rest of the room. Then I saw the wall locker in front of me turn color. It turned to the color black, and there was a kind of rectangle peephole, at the same time the bed began to bounce up and down, at that point I had made an attempt to leave the body. First I had floated straight up, but for some reason I was not able to go through the upper bunk. So I decided to see if I could roll out from the side. It took two attempts before I was successful. Once outside the bunk I was not sure of the location where I had ended up. I recognized that I was not in my room, but in the main bay. I saw a number of my fellow soldiers going on about their business; one solider whom I recognized walked directly in my path and passed through me. In addition to seeing my fellow soldiers, I saw other soldiers that were not in the unit. The unknowns were both male and female.

I had stopped one of the females and asked her what she was doing in the male area. I’m not sure that she had given an answer, but her appearance changed. Her physical appearance was alternating between three different appearance. Then another being approached, I forgot what was said; afterwards I decided to make my way downstairs to observe the events happening on the first floor. When I reached the staircase I was stopped by somebody. It was a male and he seemed to be annoyed. He might have been annoyed because I was asking questions. Then two other beings appeared on each side of me. One was the male that came over has I was talking to the female. The other one was also a male, whom I had not seen before. They had come by my side to assist me in handling the being that had stopped me from going down the stairs. The male on the right side went over to have direct contact with the annoyed being. I can clearly recall that they were either fighting, or arguing. After a few minutes, I was allowed to go down stairs. The stairs had a different appearance, and instead of being one flight of stairs, it was two flights of stairs. I hit the first floor. I went though the front door and outside the building. Once outside I saw that the appearance was different. It was all grass, and there was no sign of the concrete path, or road. I saw that there was a play area for children surround by a white fence. The fence was circular. I saw that the front of the building also looked different. The shape of the building was the same, but the entrance door was the part of the building that looked different. The building had a year written on it. 1883 or 188 something. I said to myself that it is impossible; Camp Smith was built in the early 20th century. I saw a table that resembled a picnic table; there was someone’s belonging on the table. I decide to see if there was anything with a date written on it, I saw a driver’s license, it looked like the type that NY state issued during the 1980’s the birth date of the person was listed as 1966.

Then I saw an old man sitting at the table, and there was some belongings of another person, so I decided to see what date appeared on the ID card, I had to search for the wallet; the owner noticed that I went through the belongings. She started to argue with the old man. When I looked at the birth date it also said 1966. After that I found myself back in the bed. I felt the bed bouncing up and down, and at the same time I could hare activities going on around me, I could see the black locker. I could have deepened that state again and see if another experience was going to happen, but I decided to come out of the state. I had neglected to record the time that I  started and finished.

The towels that I had seen unfold down the side of the bunk, had given me an idea to bring my two extra blankets, and hang them on the side so that I could get more privacy while I put myself in the self-hypnosis mode and for the energetic exercises.

While leaving Camp Smith the sign said that Camp Smith was built in around 1882. It was named after NY State Governor Alfred Smith during the early 1900’s. My reference to Camp Smith being built in the early 20th Century was incorrect. Al Smith ran for the office of the President of the US in the early 20th Century. I must have based my reference on that fact.

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