I was at girlfriend#2’s place and after engaging in activity and doing the things that consenting adults do I was relaxing; maybe I was in between the sleep and  the waken state when I saw that there was a bright light illuminating through the space at the bottom of the room door. This was something that got my attention especially since the light in the hall way was turned off. Then another unique thing happened.  I began to see through the solid door like it was a transparent object.  I saw that there was somebody walking around, and eventually coming into the room by phasing through the door. I could not get a clear sight of the features of the person, so I had prompted myself to go and get my glasses. When I rose up to get them I was fully awake; everything in the room looked normal; it was then that I realized that I was either projected or I was having some type of contact with either an extra physical or extraterrestrial being. I have not figured out which was which at that point. After a few minutes I laid back down shortly after I laid down I began to see the auric  light of the living being that was walking around;  then on the wall  opposite  from the bed’s location I saw that there was an outline of a panel.  I heard someone’s voice or something banging on the panel’s door as though someone or something was trapped inside. When I rose up and approached the panel, I detected the presence of an entity that I felt was a female; she was accompanying me as I approached the panel;  as usually the entity did not reveal her identity nor allow me to identify who she was.  I was told that there is a female being trapped inside the panel; she was transformed into a snake and put there as a punishment. I was not told what she did to be punished nor was I told how long ago that she was put there, but it was said that she has been there for a long while. Now I was to open the panel to see what the snake wanted. After I opened the panel, I saw that there was a big cobra snake inside. The snake sent me a telepathic message that expressed that she wanted to leave and see her children; then the snake was attempting to leave and when she rose up she looked at me in directly in the eyes. The snake’s eyes were red and the face had a frightful look. Yet I did not have any fear; then the snake bit me on my left hand twice. One bite was on the base of the thumb; the other bite was on the base of the index finger. I even felt the pressure of the teeth on those locations; after I was bitten I found that I was back in the real world; the panel was nonexistent and that there was no trace of the entity that was next to me nor was there any trace of the snake ….

This experience did not feel like a normal dream or even an astral projection. Being so relaxed that the experienced took place and felt as though I was moving around as I do in everyday life. Also when I was bitten the way I exited out the experience was like coming back to sobriety after being high.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Now that was an interesting experience.

    A female entity that was transformed into a snake and locked in a panel as punishment and who was able to telepathically communicate with you, and woke you up with a bite.

    I wonder why she bit you?

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


    • reminds me of a story of the snake asking the turtle to take him to the other side of the river. The turtle said no you’re a snake you’re going to bite me. The sake said if I bite you we will both drown. The turtle thought the snake had a point and agreed to take him to the other side of the river. While in the middle of the river, the snake bit the turtle and while the turtle was dying he asked the snake, why did you bite me knowing that you will drown. The snake said I am a snake…….
      The moral of the story a snake will bite you because it is what they do…..
      I guess even an extra-physical snake will just bite

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