Three More..

three more

It was around 3:00am when I heard the room’s door rattle as if someone was opening the door. I felt the presence of three entities enter. I recognized who they were; it was the same three that I often feel and sometimes see the dense shadow outline. As soon as they came into the room they went to their specific area. One went to roomie #1’s bed; one was lingering in the middle of the room roaming around between the three beds (my bed, roomie#1 & roomie#2) a couple of days ago the dick head  Platoon Sgt forced  me and roomie #1 to allow another Soldier to share the room with us. The new roomie’s former roomies forced him out of his prior room because they got into an altercation after they had a couple of drinks. Go figure, they were friends way before the deployment to West Point and now that that these so called friends were rooming together, I guess they really saw how each others true colors and did came to the conclusion that they did not like each other. Me and roomie #1 wasn’t keen on accepting him but we had no choice in the matter We made it known that we will not tolerate any drunkenness or excessive drinking in our room; other than that there wasn’t any problems with the new roomie. Anyway the last entity took its place on my bed; I could feel the entity’s body place itself next to me.

Then approximately 15 to 20 minutes later roomie#1 entered the room. It was then I realized that the entities were attached to roomie #1. I noticed that the entities were not present when he was not around, and that they arrived before he did as though they were preparing the atmosphere to receive his energy upon him entering the room. I also felt a change in the energy. At this point I wonder why one of the entities had placed itself onto my bed, At this point I would have to move the energy more often as a self-defense measure, and I will see to detaching this entity from feeling it could come into my zone and attaching itself to me.

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