On this day I did not pay attention to the exact time when this experienced had occurred. I know it was after midnight and I had just got out of bed and took bottle of beer out the freezer and drank it; I was thirsty due to the room being so hot. My air conditioner was not working, thank heavens that beer don’t freeze lie water, otherwise I would have been miserable. The last person that I saw was M; he was out in the common kitchen area looking for some food to eat. He probably took food that belonged to somebody else.  I went back to my bed I had my fan on to move some of the saturated hot air around. As I was in a semi sleep, I saw that my locker door was open and I saw a bottle of water; perhaps my higher self was telling me that I need to drink water to cool down not beer. Then I felt the presence of those shadowy figures that I have often seen in the room. As usually they were going about their activities, one was responsible for having my locker open; I did not pay any particular attention to it because I perceived it to be a routine activity that takes place in the room. As I lay there, I started to have a conversation with M; he was talking about the 1st battalion 1st Infantry commander, Lieutenant Colonel R, he was saying how R had treated him when he had his problem and his opinion how things should be run. It was like I was giving M some type of counseling. However being the type of person M is he just kept on talking and talking to the point where one would have to tell him to shut up the conversation is over, or find some way to get away from him. I was getting tired of him complaining about Lt Col. R; then I realized that M was not in the room, he was not even making any noise in the hallway. I recognized that the conversation was telepathic, and another thing that I noticed, one on the shadowy figures was laying on the bed next to me; as the conversation went on I could feel the figure next to me and as I pushed the figure’s body it felt as though it was a flesh and blood person next to me. Still hearing M’s voice and feeling the body of the shadowy figure, I did not put two and two together until M stopped talking. When the talking stopped the shadowy figure that was next to me disappeared. Now I understand that the figure must have been imitating M to put down my defense and allow itself to be next to me within my aura. For what reason why the shadowy figure wanted to be next to me is unknown at this point in time. There were a total of three figures in the room on this night; I do not know whom they represented and what do they want.

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