Shake Down


It was around 2:00pm when I was off duty, I was tired and I did not feel like going to the drug awareness class that I was scheduled to attend. Instead I stayed behind to get some rest. Before resting I settled down by doing my meditation exercise. I followed the same routine performing the basic movement of energy (BME). Once I reached the vibrational state and was projected out the body I began to have this experience.

First I saw SSgt M the squad leader in my room and then I saw Sgt A looking from around the corner where my locker is located. The locker door was open and there was something mentioned about a shakedown. The commander was probably looking for some item, drugs or something out of the ordinary. I saw another soldier go the top pocket of one of my battle dress uniform (BDU) that was hanging up in the locker took out the money that I had in the pocket; he showed it to me. I told him to put it back when he finished doing what he was doing and told the others to close back the locker when they finished the shake down. Then I noticed that my room door was open and my fellow soldiers were standing in line going into the bath room getting the toilet paper that my roomie Sgt. B stacked up. I asked, “What is going on” and one of my fellow soldiers told me that the supply NCO Cpl. W said that there is no more toilet paper in stock and that Sgt. B had a lot of toilet paper stacked up and that they should go and take one roll for themselves, so they came and when each one had a roll they left. After that I did not let anyone else into the room.

Then I was back in body and I briefly opened my eyes, and when I closed them again. Then I saw that my locker door was open and that the contents in my locker were a mess. I opened my physical eyes again to see what was going on; I saw that everything in the room was the same as it was when I started doing the meditation. I closed back my eyes and again I saw that locker door was opened and the contents in the locker were a mess. I left the room and went in the hallway; there was a lot of activity going on in the hallway; there were more people in the building than usual. I realized that a crowd was coming into the building looking for me. I don’t know how I got to the point of taken an action that made the crowd at West Point start to come after me. Perhaps it was a result of the shake down.

I was leaving the post to go to a building outside the gate that was overlooking the Hudson River (it had to be the Thayer Hotel). I was way ahead of the crowd and as I was leaving the post there was an automatic defense system that I had to get pass. It was cannon that shot a cannon ball at anything that moved. As the first shot came, I blocked it, then the second shot came and I deflected it away from me. After that I passed through the defense system, only to run into a secondary defense system. I dodged the shot that came from the secondary system. Once I made it to the building outside the gate I saw the owners and I started to go upstairs to the top floor with them. I could see the crowed coming for me but they were way behind. Once I reached the top floor there was an unidentified female and the thought that came to me was that I could quickly have sexual relations with this female before the crowd comes. Then as I was about to have relations with this female, a thought crossed my mind that alerted me that the extra physical beings were being deceptive again; they wanted me to generate sexual energy form them to steal and it is possibly that they are influencing this experience. I had refrained from engaging in any type of sexual relations with the extra physical female. At that point the experience was over.

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