Vibrational State


In my Dream Journal I’ve often mentioned a terms of the Basic Movement of Energy (BME) during the self-hypnosis/meditation exercises. The BME is done so that I could attain the phenomena of the vibration state. This is the state that allows the body’s vibrations to be physically felt. As you know that every living being as a level of vibrational frequency; this is a scientific fact as well as it is understood on the spiritual levels. The level of frequency depends on the individual’s life’s development. Some people are more attuned to the physical, while others are more attuned to the spiritual and there are those who have an equal balance between the physical and spiritual. The development of a person also includes the attitude, how one communicates, the mental and physical condition of the person.

As you read further, I’ve listed what essential is the vibrational state and it’s benefits, the advantage of attaining the vibrational state and the vibrational state laboratory which was developed by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC); it is essentially an exercise to help develop and strengthen one’s vibrational state. Most importantly instruction on how the energy movement is done.

           The Vibrational State and It’s Benefits

 The vibrational state is the condition in which the body’s charkas and the astral body accelerate their vibrations to its maximum, beyond the slow vibrations of the physical body. It is done by the continuous movement of the conscious energies through the impulse of one’s will.

It is produced by the intensification of the conscious energies in the intimacy of the consciousness micro-universe (body’s energy system), eliminating energy blockages, and energetic imbalances in the energetic body.

The advantages of installing the vibrational state: Energetic self-defense, physical and astral body’s homeostasis (balance), energetic prophylaxis and therapy, and other healthful conditions for the consciousness.

The vibrational state is a triggering factor for the individual to access the energetic dimension, leading one to the development of lucid projection. In other words it produces astral projection

Personal Para psychic energetic signals are only fully developed with vibrational state practice.

The vibrational state is the practical key for the lucid control of the physical body’s energetic system.

The vibrational state is, before anything else, a mature and evolved energetic self-confrontation.

The vibrational state laboratory is a practice that allows the investigator (you) to collect data and information on phenomena and personal experiences related to him/her, thus contributing to consciousness self-research and development.

It aims at contributing to the practice and control of the vibrational state technique.

Vibrational State Laboratory

 Energy is the most important aspect in this laboratory. The successive and intensive movement of energies during the experiment makes it similar to a big and vibrating charkas or energetic vortex.

Definition: A multidimensional chamber for consciousness research with optimized conditions for the “vibration state technique”. The laboratory promotes the creation of an inter-dimensional bio-energetic field that facilitates the installation of the vibrational state through the power of one’s will.

Characteristics: 1) Acoustic Isolation, 2) Temperature Control, 3) Dimmer Controlled light, 3) A space for writing reports on experiment containing book consultation, instructions, on the technique, paper, pen, 4) Space for reflection, 5) An ergonomic recliner, 6) mat pillows, 7) An alarm clock

Important: The results of the experiment depend exclusively on the experimenter’s performance.

The experiment

Each session in the laboratory lasts one hour and a half. Within this period the experimenter should install the vibrational state as many times as possible. After the experiment, 30 minutes are reserved for elaborating an immediate personal report.

Technique: The closed circulation of conscious energies

  • Sit or lay down with your feet astride. Close the eyelids. Let the arms drop alongside the body. Direct the flow of your energies, through the impulsion of the will, from head to the hands and the feet. Do not worry if you do not know what bioenergy is. Continued practice will show you the entire energetic reality. If you feel nothing during the first attempts, do not be concerned. Persist and you will end up feeling something. This is inevitable because it is part of the Para physiological development of us all.
  • Return the flow of the energies, through the impulsion of your decided will, from the feet to the head. At this point, you will already be able to identify the direction of the energetic flow upward, contrary to the previous flow.
  • Repeat the same procedure 10 times, perceiving and discriminating the flow of energies sweeping the various parts and organs of the human body. At this point, the un blocking, balancing and potentiation of your energies in all energetic centers and points begins.
  • Continue the same procedures, now gradually increasing the speed (or rhythm) of the impulsion of the flow of energies.
  • Continue with the same procedures, now maximally increasing the intensity (rhythm or volume) of flow of energies. This flow comprises progressively larger and more potent circuits, which you will perceive.
  • Finally, install the vibrational state. The flow of the closed circuit disappears and your entire psycho sphere becomes completely “lit up,” “dazzling” or “incandescent” with the vibrating energies.


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