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To meet the height and weight standards I signed up for this program to help me lose a couple of pounds. I figured to get real results I’m going to have to go to the extreme. It was a twelve week program that cut my calorie intake down to 900 calories a day. I was to meet with a counselor every two weeks to recorded changes in mood, taste, and psychological as well as physical changes. Before starting the program I had to undergo a complete physical and body fat index.  I was in the body composition laboratory around 1:30pm, after electronically measuring my height and weight the technician told me to lie down on the examining table and that he would be with me in five minutes. While I was on the table, I started to relax the body and I was also doing the energy movement. My thoughts were to see if the disposition of energy would show up on the test results. Then to my left I saw a doctor; he looked like he was excited;  he had a report in his hand. It looked like it was an x-ray of some sort, he said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before;” he called over two other doctors. They were looking at the results. I thought the results were mine, and I said to myself that the machine must have recorded the energy disposition.

Then the technician came back and said that I would be placed in a tank; he said it would only take a few minutes. I found that the table that I was on was lowered into a tank of water; my thoughts were that this is the water displacement weight measurement. The table was dipped in the water, I had held my breath; I could not hold it for long under the present conditions, and I had let it go while the table was being raised out of the tank. Lucky for me I found that the table was out of the water when I had opened my eyes. The technician said that the table would be dipped into the tank one more time. The same thing had happened; I let go at holding my breath while the table was being raised out of the tank. As the table was being settled, I saw that my clothes were damp and water was running off my feet. I said to myself, why didn’t the technician tell me to remove my clothing and how am I going to go outside in the cold with wet clothes.

Then while on the table it felt like a probe was being inserted in my anus; I was wondering, how that could be possible when I had my pants on, and there is no hole in the pants seat.

 At the same time the technician was removing the attached measuring suckers from my lower hand, and arm. He said that he was finished, and he said, “It’s like a form of sleep.” My clothes were dry, and the lay out of the room was completely different then what I had seen. To my left there was a wall; there was no doctor’s desk or the x-ray reviewing machine. I also saw that there was no way that the table could be picked up because the machine that picked up the table and lowered it in the tank of water did not exist. Also there was no tank of water. The feeling of the probe that I felt was inserted was slowly fading away before I got up off the table.

After I was fully conscience, I knew that this was not a dream or an astral projection because of  how the experience felt. In this experience the feeling was different; the physical sensations and the observation of the other people going about their business even if one has not seen what takes place in a particular location. It felt as though I was participating in someone else’s experience. The building where I was has been in continuous use for over one hundred years, the basement where the lab is located was probably used for a lot of things over the years. Feeling as though I was a participant in somebody else’s experience, I had come to the conclusion that there probably was a tank of water in that location, because not too far from that location the bone density lab is located and that the bone density  has a water tank. The way I was lowered into the tank was in a crude manner; I think that the patient must have died, because in reality I could hold my breath longer then I found that I could in the experience. Also I might have picked up on the energy surrounding that experience that is still present.

Then again while pondering this experience and the feelings associated with it I can’t help but feel that there was some sort of extraterrestrial (ET) influence. As I have mentioned in past postings of the experience and feelings of being a subject an ET examinations. My hypothesis is since that basement is old and medical testing is presently being done in that location. The space is convenient in setting up a lab E.T has also set up a lab that location on another frequency level. As mentioned before the ET has the ability to be interdenominational…..

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      • Hello True George,

        Most critics did not seem to like it that much, but I liked it better than most critics but I did not like it as much as Chris Stuckmann did.

        I possibly first saw the trailer for it at a movie theater, maybe when I watched Underworld: Blood Wars, and it reminded me of Shutter Island and I wanted to see it.

        I almost watched it in a theater but I decided not to after the bad reviews, and I waited to watch it at home.

        The movie had some good cinematography, mystery that had me trying to figure out what was really going on, and some strange things that make you try to figure out possible hidden meanings et cetera; but the movie starts to fall apart at the end and it was possibly longer than it should have been, and it was not as good as it should and could have been but it was not as bad as some people say in my opinion at least.

        -John Jr

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